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A Large Collection: Disney Infinity: What do you have?


This article was guest authored by Danny Petsis.

“Toys, toys, I love toys” was a five word chant I would say as I marched around the house with my one and a half year old son because of all of the toys he had accumulated. I am very much to blame for it as I collected all of them and then his interest grew even more the older he got. As we continued to collect Disney Infinity toys he would continue to keep up the chant and march around the house.

Now he even plays with the toys without having the game turned on. The Disney Infinity Series has been a really good two in one service for our household, especially now that we have the Marvel Superhero’s to “save” any other toys in distress. On some nights we have all the characters out and about in a makeshift city with all the Superhero’s playing a role to save anyone in danger. He is now two and a half, I on the other hand and twenty nine years old and still in collection mode.

As we get closer to an announcement of Disney Infinity 3.0, I listed all the figures we currently have and some of their plus points…

Disney Infinity 1.0

Mr. Incredible – Super Strength Super Tackle

Sulley – Strength, Super Roar

Mike Wazowski – Rolling, Tackle, Microphone Roar

Randell Boggs – Strength, Turning Invisible

Captain Jack Sparrow – Tackle, Sword Attack, Pirate Bomb

Davy Jones – Tackle, Sword Attack, Flintlock Gun

Lightning McQueen – Driving, Speed

Holley – Driving, Speed

Mater – Driving, Speed, Hook and Tow

Buzz Lightyear – Flying, Speed Attack, Intergalactic Gun

Woody – Tackle, Toy Story Circus Ball Throw

Jessie – Tackle, Toy Story Circus Ball Throw

Rapunzel – Tackle, Frying Pan Attack

Sorcerer Mickey – Magic Wand, Tackle

Wreck it Ralph – Wrecking Roll, Pixel Cherry Bombs

Vanellope – Glitch Attack, Pixel Cherry Bombs

Anna – Pick Axe Grapple, Tackle

Elsa – Freeze Ball, Tackle


Disney Infinity 2.0

Iron Man – Pulse Blast, Tackle, Fly, Rocket Special

Thor – Tackle, Hammer of Thunder, Immortal Strength

Black Widow – Invisibility, Tackle, Stinger Attack

Hulk – Super Strength, Hulk Smash

Captain America – Tackle, Shield Throw, Strength

Spider-Man – Wall Climbing, Tackle, Web Slinging

Nova – Power Blast, Tackle, Cosmic Speed

Nick Fury – Tackle, Tech Abilities, Tackle

Green Goblin – Electric Shock, Pumpkin Bombs

Loki- Cosmic Blast, Tackle

Falcon – Flight Attack, Speed, Ground Spike

Venom – Symbiote Web Slinging, Wall Climbing, Tackle

Rocket Raccoon – Rocket Guns, Tackle

Groot – Super Strength, Tree Trunk Attack and Stomp

Yondu – Yaka Arrow Throw, Tackle, Super Jump

Donald Duck – Tackle, Angered Attack

Stitch- Rolling, Tackle, Cosmic Gun, Super Jump

Merida – Speed, Bow and Arrow Attack

Tinkerbell- Flying Attacks, Pixie Dust

Aladdin – Sword Swing Attack, Boomerang

Jasmine – Tackle, Carpet Magic Attack

Baymax – Rocket Fist, Tackle, Flying and Flight Attacks

Hiro – Microbot Attack, Super Jump

Each one of the characters gives you special moves to use in game, adding another level of fun to your each toy box or campaign . If Disney Infinity 3.0 does confirm it will be a Star Wars themed game as rumors suggest, I will continue to chant the “I Love Toys” chant to the store! What about you? Do you have a huge collection you want to boast about?


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