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Nintendo of America Isn’t Ready to Say Goodbye To BoxBoy Yet

Bye-Bye Boxboy came out in Europe yesterday. Nintendo of America announced via twitter this month that the title would come out on March 23rd too. They quickly deleted that tweet and the title did not come out in North America yesterday! What happened?


Nintendo of America isn’t ready to say Bye-Bye to Boxboy yet. In a statement to Polygon they said that “incorrect information about an upcoming game for Nintendo 3DS was posted on Nintendo of America’s social media channels” and that they will provide more information when its available.

Nintendo calls the title “an upcoming game” and so Bye-Bye Boxboy will likely come to North America. My guess is that they are waiting for a 3DS dry spell to release the title in this region. Mario Sports Superstars came out this week in North America after all!

Hopefully we’ll see a Nintendo Direct from NoA next month and Bye-Bye Boxboy will be announced during it.

What do you think about this mistake? When do you think we’ll see Bye-Bye Boxboy in North America?

Source: Nintendo Everything


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