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Dungeons and Aliens

What do you get when you mix dungeons, wizards, and aliens into a tower defense game? You might get Dungeons and Aliens for the Nintendo Switch! Is this mix of fantasy and sci-fi great, good, just ok, or plain bad? Check out my review of Dungeons Aliens for the Switch below!


Dungeons and Aliens is a 2D tower defense game in the style of Plants VS. Zombies. The player’s character(s) is on the left side of the screen, while the enemy attacks you from the right. There are ways to upgrade your attacks via more money and getting further into the game.

The game’s story is not good, so Dungeons and Aliens main selling point is its gameplay. And the gameplay isn’t bad, it gets pretty intense as you go and I can see fans of Plants VS Zombies liking Dungeons and Aliens too. No, this game isn’t as good as PVS but it can be fun and challenging.

Dungeons and Alien’s controls are alright. The touch screen integration could be better, but its still better than using the analog stick and buttons or using both, which just feels cumbersome. The controls on this game should be tighter and easier overall.

Meanwhile, Dungeons and Aliens graphics are fine. This game doesn’t do anything especially impressive visually but its not awful either.

Dungeons and Aliens is not an impressive game nor is it a bad game. Its a good game that could be much better; this is the type of game that would easily be on cellphones or the 3DS instead of Switch. Its not a stand out game but tower defense fans might enjoy this game anyway.

Dungeons and Aliens gets a 7.0 out of 10. Thanks to Kool Things for providing a digital code for this review. Dungeons and Aliens is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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