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Ubisoft Announces New Prince of Persia-themed VR Escape Room

Did you know that Ubisoft makes escape rooms?  With over 300 locations already partnered, they’re adding a Prince of Persia escape room to go along with the two Assassin’s Creed experiences that are already out in the wild.  VR headsets add a level of immersion that can be difficult to achieve in your standard escape room, letting you live out your dreams of heading into the Animus, and now using the Dagger of Time, without stretching your imagination to accommodate the props that a given location has.

While it can be part of the appeal in some cases, escape rooms are generally pretty cramped.  Adding VR to the experience allows for a level of scale that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  A corporate partner like Ubisoft should also add to the experience for gamers.  There’s nothing wrong with the generic zombie apocalypse type room, but an experience like the Resident Evil escape room from a few years ago allows the player to fill in pieces of backstory and nuance that just can’t be achieved with the more cookie cutter experience.

Regardless of the coat of paint that’s on this new room, it sounds like a blast.  From Ubisoft:

Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time is for all ages. Two, three or four players team up and work together to solve puzzles and find a way out of a reimagined Fortress of Time. In the story, players are summoned by Kaileena, the Empress of Time. They are asked to help her to stop the evil plans of a Magi who is attempting to restore the sands to the Hourglass of Time and create an army of Sand Monsters. To successfully escape the fortress, players must use cooperative teamwork and problem-solving skills to complete objectives, utilizing powers such as time control from the dagger of time.

Ubisoft says that you don’t need to have played any Prince of Persia games to enjoy the experience, but there’s no doubt that those familiar with the series will get a few sparks of joy through familiarity with the franchise that others might miss out on.  The game is for two to four players, and while there’s no time limit mentioned in the marketing materials, I can’t imagine you’d be able to manipulate time enough to stay in the room longer than the hour that’s available for the Assassin’s Creed games.

These branded experiences are global, but located primarily in Europe and the United States.  You can check out their website to see if there’s a location near you to try it out.  The requirements for hosting the game are listed right on the front page of the site, so they’re likely looking for more partners, but in a cruel twist of fate, even if you’re partnered with the company, you’ll still need internet access once a day, because no one can escape DRM.

Have you tried one of these rooms before?  Let us know how you liked it compared to other escape rooms in the comments.