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Dying Light: The FOllowing DLC Review


Dying Light came out and focused on running, climbing, and jumping. As you traversed the cityscapes and ran away – or towards – the undead, I never felt like I was being hampered in how I traversed the city. It worked, it was fun, and that was the point. Things are changing with the latest DLC, The Following. Gone is the city, gone is the running. It’s all about the open fields surrounding the urban wasteland, and the coolest addition to Dying Light yet, your buggy.

For the cost – which some may find steep for DLC – The Following easily doubles the size of Dying Light and includes a fairly lengthy story mode. While this could be a small expansions that I could imagine fetching 40-50$ at retail, the developers have opted for a more consumer friendly price. Those who want more Dying Light excitement will easily find it in The Following.

Fetch quests remain the norm in this DLC, but moving through the farmland looking for a zombie virus cure really is a breath of fresh air. The new / expanded story holds up incredibly well, and I never felt like I was running or driving around just because. Everything has a purpose. The map is bigger, but its full. Full of things to find, things to do, and open enough to allow for some fun, zombie splatting madness. Using the buggy to plow through the undead – whether during the day or night – is so satisfying that it’s hard to recommend moving around this area of the map on foot. The buggies are a godsend, so use them!

The developers behind Dying Light deserve much credit for what they have done with The Following. It is a very large expansion, priced incredibly well, and provides equal amounts – if not ever better – of excitement, thrills, and satisfying kills. If you’ve been enjoying Dying Light or want more, The Following is exactly the thing you need.

Congratulations to Techland on an outstanding, DLC release! A perfect 10/10 for us at GamesReviews!


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