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The Division Getting Minor Changes

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Ubisoft has been releasing some pretty interesting games lately, and their upcoming online shooter, The Division, is no different. However, it was announced recently that some features initially promised are being pulled back. Originally, we were told that players would be able to trade/buy/sell weapons while waiting to load into games, but are now being told this will not be the case. Whether this is permanent or not was never confirmed, so we may see this reintroduced later.

The reality here is that this is not a big deal. The Division won’t succeed or fail based on a ability to trade weapons before launching into a match itself. We spent considerable amounts of time playing The Division during X15 in Toronto and really enjoyed what we played. During media availability, we were able to play through the demo a number of times,¬†and despite a pretty deep learning curve, came out of the experience excited for what was to come.

We will cover more of the Division as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned to GamesReviews for more information.


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