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Japanese Nintendo Switch Hands-On Event Will Livestream This Weekend

Tomorrow night, the Nintendo Switch presentation is being streamed from Youtube. On Friday, we’ll get a Treehouse Live early in the morning that takes a longer look at the Switch games. And that’s it, right? No, that’s wrong. Nintendo Japan will be live streaming its Nintendo Switch Hands-on event this weekend! We have the details below.


On Friday and Saturday in Japan, Nintendo will be holding the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017. This event will let people go hands-on with the new system! Stage events and musical performances will be held too. Best of all, Nintendo will be livestreaming this event on YouTube!

Here are the times that the streaming will take place (via Nintendo Everything):

Day 1

– 5:30 PM PT (January 13)
– 8:30 PM ET (January 13)
– 1:30 AM in the UK (January 14)
– 2:30 AM in Europe (January 14)

Day 2

– 5:30 PM PT (January 14)
– 8:30 PM ET (January 14)
– 1:30 AM in the UK (January 15)
– 2:30 AM in Europe (January 15) ”

The YouTube pages are already up! You can find the Day 1 stream here and the Day 2 stream here.

I’ll definitely be watching the Thursday night presentation and the Treehouse Live. I’m unsure if I’ll be watching the Nintendo Switch hands-on. I’ll keep an eye out for the streams and may watch a bit if convenient!

Will you be watching the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 streams?

Source: Nintendo Everything


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