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Vulcan II Mini Review

Vulcan II Mini

Vulcan II Mini feat
Release: September 30, 2022
Publisher: ROCCAT
Developer: ROCCAT
Genre: Keyboards Reviews


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The Vulcan II Mini is the latest in ROCCAT’s ever-expanding line of gamer-grade accessories that are truly designed for extensive use, heavy customization, and unrivaled style. Can the Vulcan II Mini match this trend and add to this already impressive repertoire? Let’s dive in and find out!

Vulcan II Mini feat

The Vulcan II Mini is a seriously impressive TKL keyboard that offers gamers an unprecedented level of smart key functionality. It is a true extension of ROCCAT’s trend of offering high-quality PC gaming accessories at a high-value cost. It does this by offering a light, modular, and compact keyboard that does not sacrifice any functionality to do so.

It is one of the first keyboards to offer dual LEDs under each key cap, meaning it will surely make a visual splash in your gaming space. In addition to these ultra-bright LEDs, the Vulcan II Mini also comes in a stylish bright white (and black), which really compliments the multi-coloured effects available through the LEDs.

The Vulcan II Mini is not just about style, however, as it also solves many of the issues inherent in a ten-keyless keyboard. It manages this by adding an additional layer of function keys that allows the existing set of keys to provide many of the familiar functions that users enjoy in full-size keyboards. Oh, did we mention that the keycaps are also interchangeable with a number of third-party cross-shaped keycaps?

Vulcan II Mini 3

This keyboard also employs ROCCAT’s Titan II optical red switches that have highly satisfying feedback while also providing a softer experience than a mechanical keyboard. This means that the user will get the best of both worlds – a highly responsive keystroke without the same obtrusive clacking sound that users of mechanical keyboards will be familiar with.

Having covered how this keyboard offsets the disadvantages of a TKL keyboard, it seems only appropriate to also mention how it capitalizes on the advantages of this form factor. The reduced size offered by a TKL keyboard is built specifically with a gamer in mind. This smaller size allows a greater number of customization options and various keyboard and mouse configurations, specific to each player.

Personally, I enjoy a highly angled keyboard when engaging in FPS games like CSGO and Valorant. Having a shorter keyboard means that I can let my hands rest at much more natural angles in the same desk space than compared to a full-size keyboard. This, in combination with the comfortable keys and added function keys, make the Vulcan II Mini a true contender for the seasoned marathon gamer.

Vulcan II Mini 1

At the end of the day, I continue to be impressed with the value price points, and high quality of ROCCAT’s gaming accessories. There are some who maintain an allegiance to one of the prior industry giants, and to those, I would suggest you take a look at giving ROCCAT products a try. They may very well surprise and impress you, as I certainly know they have done both for me!

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