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Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure (Stadia)

Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure (Stadia)

Release: August 13, 2021
Publisher: Outright Games
Developer: Climax Studios
Genre: Adventure, Family, Google Stadia Reviews


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Ice Age featuring five movies so far spanning almost twenty years. I am a fan of the movies with my favourite character being Sid the Sloth obviously. Sid’s humour is unmatched and makes for a great time. Then there’s Scrat, the loveable squirrel that this game is based off of. Poor Scrat is always just trying to get a nut, but always ends up missing it to our enjoyment. I was excited to play this game on Google Stadia, I always wanted an Ice Age adventure. Get ready for an icy adventure where you will be looking for legendary nuts!


With the beauty of Google Stadia, I was able to play this game on a PC, Televison, and mobile device. Playing with a controller on the television was easiest for me. Ice Age: Scrat’s New Adventure was brought to us by Outright Games. Outright Games are known for their kid friendly titles and at times release some really great games. Keep an open mind as this game is geared more towards children; however, I have been known to enjoy some Outright games before. Outright games has an impressive lineup of games coming out in the next few months, it amazes me and I hope they keep quality in mind.

Upon diving into the game, I immediately felt it, this nutty adventure gave me deja vu. Ice Age felt like I have played with these nuts before, and I have! It feels like a remaster of the earlier games. This games story is pretty simple to break down. Scrat lost his acorn in a temple and now it is your job to open the temple by finding four crystal nuts. Scrat does have some cool Kung-Fu moves which make me laugh when I use them. Overall, the game is pretty simple which is good for young players.

Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure does look great, they did a good job on the visuals. Camera angles were a bit clunky for me at times. Still, the camera won’t annoy you for too long because Ice Age can be beaten in under six hours, so it is fairly short. Ice Age features thirty six achievements on Google Stadia, which is a good amount. I did enjoy making Scrat fight, throw objects, and jump.


Scrat, even with his goofy looking face that everyone loves, is not enough to save this game. Ice Age, with more polish, could have been much more of a gem. Instead, however, we are left with our nuts in our hand.

Deez Nut’s Aren’t For Everyone

Overall, I am disappointed with Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure. Ice Age features a steep price tag here in Canada for such a short story mode, even for kids. Ice Age features no replay ability whatsoever. I am still hopeful that Outright Games will listen to feedback and improve their games in the future. If OG games takes the time to polish future titles, it will bring them great success which I am hoping for. Having young children and even for myself I enjoy the franchises they have.

Skip this game like you have a nut allergy.



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