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Is Far Cry 6 The Ultimate Far Cry Blend?

Far Cry 6 main

After watching the trailer for Far Cry 6 on today’s E3 Livestream I can’t help but wonder if Ubisoft has found the perfect blend of elements and setting for a Far Cry game. I know everyone has their own opinions on what the best story has been in the Far Cry franchise (but if you think it was anything other than FC5 you’re just plain wrong) as well as their favourite setting. But this trailer showed me something exciting – something fresh.

The Caribbean setting of Far Cry 6 immediately sends my mind hurtling back to my Just Cause days – and our protagonist, Dani, gives off very strong vibes that she does this for the good of the people, of course, but also because it’s fun. This twisted, guilty pleasure type hero is my absolute favourite to control because they can get away with dropping hilarious puns after slaughtering entire villages of pixel people and you don’t feel guilty about it.

Far Cry 6 2

Aside from this incredible setting and the fact that this will be the largest playable area ever in the franchise’s history, Ubisoft has also taken notes from the successes of one of the off-shoot titles Far Cry New Dawn. I could not tell you how happy I was to see the return of the ghetto weapons and more specifically the blade shooter, which appears to now use CDs and it may actually play them before you launch them – nice touch.

Add on top of this the backpacks of death that look like they control your strongest weapons. From flamethrowers to missile salvos, we can’t wait to see what other options Ubisoft has in store for us on that front. But the piece de resistance, so to speak, is the fact that we may get to have the most adorable puppy sidekick the world has ever known.

Try to top that. Just give it a shot in the comments below. I’ll be waiting.


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