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Nintendo UK Takes A Look At The History of Star Fox

I still own Star Fox for the SNES. I never did own Star Fox 64 on the 64 because I didn’t have that system. I did buy the game on the Wii however and played the 3DS remake of the game! I’m a huge fan of the Star Fox franchise, especially when its a full on spaceship shooter. In a new video, Nintendo UK took a look at the History of Star Fox. We should do that too! I’ll tell you what I think of each of the past Star Fox games.


The first Star Fox game was Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. At the time, this game had fantastic graphics and the gameplay was amazing. While by today’s standards, the graphics are not as impressive, I still think the gameplay holds up very well. That said, Star Fox 64 holds up even better!

I played a little bit of Star Fox 64 back in the Nintendo 64 days, but it wasn’t till the game was released on the Wii that I got to the play a game a lot. I really enjoyed Star Fox 64 and think that its an even better game than the SNES one. The 3D graphics for Star Fox 64 hold up very well and the gameplay is much improved from the first one. Both games are great though and if you like spaceship shooters, then you must own them both. Its too bad that the franchise strayed from its core gameplay with its next installment.

Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube was a huge departure from the previous two games. The game mostly focused on Fox’s platforming adventures. I didn’t really care for Star Fox Adventures very much. I never own the game; I just rented it and I’m glad thats all I did. Star Fox, in my opinion, should always be a spaceship shooter and this was just too huge of a departure!

I didn’t play Star Fox Assault but I remember seeing that the game brought back the spaceship element, plus added some ground elements too. I know that Star Fox Zero takes after it by having some ground elements. I wonder if I’ll be a fan of that or not. I also never played Star Fox Command, so I can’t offer too much of an opinion on it. From what I saw of it though, the game brought back the spacehship shooter element while also adding a strategic element. I’m not sure if that was the best direction to go! If someone reading this has played either of these two games, what do you think of them? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

I did play Star Fox 64 3D on the 3DS though. I think that is a really great remake of the 64 classic. I love how the game plays on the 3DS and it looks great too. There is also a neat multiplayer mode included! Star Fox 64 3D could be the best Star Fox so far.

Finally, we come to Star Fox Zero. The game is coming out next month. Star Fox Zero will have lots of spaceship flying, but also include some ground activity with the landmaster and a new Walker vehicle. There will also be new motion controls for controlling your vehicles! Will this game be any good? Games Reviews hopes to have a review of Star Fox Zero next month. In the meantime, check out Nintendo UK’s video on the History of Star Fox and share your impressions of the Star Fox franchise with us in the comments!


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