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More Thoughts From Me #43: We Don’t Need More Mario Games

I’m a huge fan of Mario. I love the games, especially the 2D ones, but I’m not sure why Nintendo is continuing the franchise. Yes, I know Mario is their mascot and they are not just going to suddenly give up on him, however I’m not sure what else can done with him at the moment. Super Mario Maker, in my opinion, is the ultimate Mario game. Its a Mario game that lets you create your own levels!! How do you top that? And as for 3D Mario, how can those games get any better than they’ve already been? Join me for a look back at the main Mario franchise and a questioning of Nintendo’s motives when it comes to doing another Mario game.


I’ve been a Mario fan since the first Super Mario Bros came out on the NES. I played Super Mario Bros. 2 when it came out, I was wowed by Super Mario Bros 3 during the Wizard movie and when it came to the NES too. I got the Super NES with Super Mario World. I missed out having Super Mario 64 in my collection because I didn’t get a Nintendo 64. I did play the game in stores though. And of course I played Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube, all of the Galaxy games, Super Mario 3D Land & World, and all of the various Mario spinoffs. There was a point when I was tired of Mario, but that was mostly due to my annoyance over Animal Crossing New Leaf taking so long to come out and Nintendo was mostly doing Mario games. I have always been a Mario fan and always will be a Mario fan. But I think Nintendo has already done the ultimate Mario game and I’m not sure how they can top it at the moment…

When Super Mario Maker came to the WIi U, I was blown away. You could actually create your own Mario levels!! I still love this game. If you want endless Mario fan, its the game you need to play. In fact, I see it as the Ultimate Mario game. I’m not sure how Nintendo can ever top this game. Yes, I know the 3D Mario games are a different animal from the 2D ones. Super Mario Maker seems like the death of the 2D Mario games. Is it the death of the 3D Mario games?

During the recent Nintendo Switch trailer, a new 3D Mario game was shown. I thought it looked fantastic but the more I think about it, the more I wonder what it’ll bring to the table. Some people think it’ll be a return to the more open landscape of Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. At the very least, it’ll be similar to Galaxy. However, we’ve seen all of those games before. Why should we just be happy with more of the same? I don’t get why gamers want more of the same always and then they get it and usually they complain about it being more of the same. If something is changed too much, people complain too! So its really hard to make gamers happy. And awhile this new Mario game looks cool, it also looks very familar. I’m not sure Nintendo should be continuing with the Mario franchise at the moment.

If nothing new and unique can be added to the Mario franchise, then I think Nintendo should give it a rest. We have Super Mario Maker. That game is coming to the 3DS too and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo does a port for the Nintendo Switch. Another 3D Mario game just seems like its a “Well, its a new system, so we have to have a new Mario.” I’m not saying Nintendo should stop doing Mario Kart or Smash Bros or even Mario Party. I’m talking about the main line Mario games. Nintendo should give 2D and 3D Mario platformers a rest for now. They should focus their efforts on franchises like Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, and brand new IPs too. Hopefully the Switch will have more just a new Mario game early on.

Of course, its obvious that Nintendo isn’t going to take a break on Mario. We’ve seen the Switch footage. This game is coming. I think its bad idea. Will I buy the game anyway? It depends whether or not the game is anything special and different. I’m hoping for the best, but I’m prepared for it to be a disappointment. Mario has had a lot of great games, but it has had some subpar ones too. The franchise really needs some new elements, but of course it can’t stray from the path of being a platformer too much. I’m not sure where the franchise can go from here.

Don’t even get me strarted on that Super Mario Run abomination!

What do you think? Should Nintendo just keep making Mario game after Mario game or should the franchise take a break for awhile? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Bonus question: What is your favorite Mario (platformer) game?

Next week: Thanksgiving is next week, so next week’s column will be about what I’m thankful for in the world of Nintendo! Expect a list and plenty of links to various people and sites. See you then!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, time to go play a Mario game!



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