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Super Dungeon Maker

Super Dungeon Maker

Release: May 3, 2023
Publisher: Rokaplay
Developer: Firechick
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genres, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Other, Switch Reviews


Great About Rating
8.5 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.0 - Audio

Have you ever wished there was a game where you could create your own Zelda-like dungeons? If your answer is yes, then boy we have a game for you. Here is our review of Super Dungeon Maker for the Nintendo Switch!

Super Dungeon Maker is exactly what it says it is: its a game about making dungeons. There is no story to the game. There are a few already made dungeons for players to try out and a small overworld to explore, but otherwise, Super Dungeon Maker is all about making dungeons.

And, for the most part, its a really good dungeon maker. Its easy to lay down floors and add walls. You also have access to doors, enemies, traps, chests, and more. You can easily switch between build and play modes, so you can test out your dungeon while you’re making it! Its simple to upload your dungeon onto the internet too.


There are some drawbacks. If you press the wrong button, for instance, you can easily erase something you don’t mean to erase. There is a button that goes back to previous states of your dungeon but it only goes back so far. Maker sure to save often. Super Dungeon Maker doesn’t have any touch controls either, so you’ll be using the analog controls only to create your dungeons. The analog controls are pretty good, though it would be cool to place floors and such with the touch of a finger.

As for the play controls, those are pretty good too. The game does play a lot like a retro Zelda game. You can explore the small overworld, visit the pre-made dungeons, go to the building where you make dungeons or go to the online building where you can download and play dungeons other people made. Then you just use your sword, shield, bombs, and more to explore whatever dungeon you want. Its really fun.

Overall, Super Dungeon Maker is almost the Zelda dungeon maker that people have always dreamed about. Its not that because it doesn’t have the Zelda characters or enemies, but all of it is heavily inspired by Zelda. Its very likely that some talented people will get their hands on this game and create amazing dungeons! We also hope that the developer will add even more content to this game via free updates. Its going to be very interesting to see how this game evolves. Thankfully, it has good, cute, retro inspired graphics too.


Super Dungeon Maker has good graphics. If we’re comparing it to a Zelda game, it looks a bit like A Link to the Past. Though obviously the dungeons and overworld are more detailed than A Link to the Past.

If you want to create dungeons or just feel like seeing what other players can create, then Super Dungeon Maker is the game for you. Its a really fun, creative game.

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a review code for this game. Super Dungeon Maker will be available today (5/3) on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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