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Miitopia Review


Release: January 1, 1970
Genre: Adventure, Family, Genres, Nintendo Switch Categories, Role-playing, Switch Reviews, Turn-Based


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9.5 - Gameplay
9.5 - Video
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Miitopia was, and technically still is, on the Nintendo 3DS. We reviewed it on that system, plus you can find review-in-progress articles here. But what do we think of the Switch version? Is it the game worth picking up again or for the first time on Switch? Here is our review of Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch!


Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch has the same story as the 3DS game. You play as a Mii, who recruits other Miis, to go on an epic (very silly) quest. The story won’t win any awards but its a lot of fun. The dialogue is so funny, heightened when you create the perfect pairing of adventurers.

On the 3DS, the dialogue and some scenes could feel a bit repetitive. And while there is some of that in the Switch version, its been dialed back a little. Still if you played the game on the 3DS, you know this games story and you likely aren’t in for anything too new, outside of a few enhancements.

While not all about the new horse, it is mostly about the horse. Miitopia for the Switch adds a horse character that you can create and he (or she) becomes part of the party. The Miis bond with the horse and it will even help in battle! This is a great addition to Miitopia, and one that brings about quite a few brand new gameplay elements never before seen in the game. Enough to justify buying again? That’s really up to you, and how much you enjoyed it the first time. Most staff here at GamesReviews, however, have felt it is a worthwhile addition.


As far as gameplay, well, there are some changes. The Switch only has one screen, compared to the 3DS’s two, and so all the gameplay takes place on a single screen. There’s no 3D on the Switch version either. That said, Miitopia on the Switch looks better than the 3DS game and even improves the Mii creation with more options. This is huge, as Mii creation is a massive part of playing Miitopia. It’s nice to see Nintendo brining back these loveable, creatable characters in a meaningful way, and it hits home – as someone who loved spending hours upon hours creating Mii’s modeled after myself, friends, family and yes, even celebrities.

Unfortunately, there is no touch screen option for the controls, which is just a bit of a miss. While generally we aren’t huge fans of touch controls in most Nintendo Switch games, having the option for those that enjoy it would have been a big step forward for this release.  That being said, Miitopia still feels great in portable mode. The game is fine without the two screens or the touch screen. And the amiibo function from the 3DS returns too, unlocking some new costumes – what I liked about amiibo support, and I cannot remember if this was an option in the 3DS version, was the ability to maintain a specific costume while buying new weapons and armor and simply carrying the new stats forward, while maintaining your characters look.

Despite all these changes though, Miitopia is not too different from the 3DS game. It is still a wacky, weird, and wonderful turn-based role playing game. So will players who already experienced it on the 3DS want this version?


Miitopia on the Switch is a great game. It was a great game on the 3DS too. If you played it on the 3DS, you may or may not want the Switch version. Your milage will vary on a few factors: potentially how long ago you played the original, how much you enjoyed the original, and how much you want to experience the few new gameplay mechanics.

The horse is a great addition, and the game looks better on the Switch, and features other improvements like less repetitive dialogue but still…its Miitopia. Its not that different.

All that being said, if you’ve never played Miitopia before, you are in for a treat. Go get this wacky game now! Now, let’s see about getting Tomodachi Life to the Switch too.

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing a digital code for this review. Miitopia is now available for the Nintendo Switch!



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