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Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return First Impressions

Disney Lorcana is already on Set #4, and I couldn’t be more excited for what is coming to this game. Ravensburger and Disney have done a fantastic job bringing dozens upon dozens characters into their trading card game with fantastic art, great abilities, and engaging gameplay. Ravensburger was nice enough to send over the starter decks for Ursula’s Return, so let’s take a quick look!
Starter decks are a fantastic way to introduce new players to the game of Lorcana, but they are also great about showing off new ideas and cards that have been released. To be honest, there are no major changes to this set like Locations in the last set – that is unless you get the cooperative package so you and friends can fight against a VERY powerful Ursula! A lot of people turn their noses up on starter decks, but I think they are fantastic.
It is worth noting that these starter decks are not full of just cards from the new set. Throughout both, you will find cards from all the previous sets, which is understandable since they are built in specific ways, to use cards from past sets to make gameplay much more engaging. I’ve seen some complaints about this, but honestly I think it is unavoidable.
It is Family Madrigal time in Disney Lorcana, with the entire family coming into play. Thematically, these cards are absolutely fantastic, with the various characters abilities REALLY leaning into the way the characters were portrayed in the films. I think these are some of the most thematic cards that have been released for this game, and even if it’s not the best deck on the planet, I really want to build a Family Madrigal deck for future play!
After playing a few times, I do think that if you are looking for a quick way to get half decent cards to build decks, the Sapphire-Steel Anna and Hercules deck is probably the one to purchase. There are a lot of great cards in this starter deck that not only work well within this deck, but would also play into a ton of different strategies that are being used by the game’s best players.
I am really impressed with this set, especially some of the theming. This might be my favourite release so far from Ravensburger and Disney. The big change this time around is the co operative experience which we have not tried yet, but we will in the near future we hope! Stay tuned for more Disney Lorcana content.

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