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RadiantFlux: Hyperfractal Trailer

Thomas Hopper’s next game, RadiantFlux: Hyperfractal, is coming next week! And now have a trailer for the game. Check out the trailer, more information about the game, and my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far below.


I have a review of Thomas Hopper’s current game, Octocopter, coming soon. But right now, let’s take a look at his next game: RadiantFlux: Hyperfractal , which is coming next week.

Here’s what Thomas Hopper had to say about the game (via Nintendo Life):

” RF:HF was born from research I was doing into raymarching fractal structures on the Wii U’s GPU. I found that very complex fractals could be rendered in real time at decent speeds. Using spacial folding techniques the basic fractal structures could be morphed into a number of interesting symmetrical animated forms. Further optimisations of the technique allowed for a game to run at the same time as the complex fractal rendering on the Wii U hardware. The rotational nature of the fractals implied a cylindrical space and so a wrap-around playfield was designed. The infinite grid-like backgrounds, setting sun and complex fractals rendered in purple and pink are inspired by 90s computer generated graphics. So, naturally, the user interface had to reflect this too. I designed a fake 90s inspired operating system and a suite of applications which can be unlocked as rewards as the player progresses in the main game. Each represents an application I remember being obsessed with at some point in my youth.”

Take a look at the trailer for the game and then please come back for my thoughts on the footage:

Wow! This game looks really cool. There is a bit of hacking in the game, but there’s also mini games to access like a first person shooting game and mineswapper! Probably the most impressive part of the trailer though is the side scrolling space shooter that’s shown. It looks like RadiantFlux has a lot to it!

What is your favorite part of this trailer? Are you looking forward to this game?


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