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More Thoughts From Me: Going Eastward

I had heard about Eastward when it came out on the Nintendo Switch. I thought it looked like a really good game. But, as always, lots of other games came out and I forgot about it. Then, the game came to Xbox Game Pass. So now I’m finally playing the game and I have something thoughts on it. Let’s talk about Eastward!


Eastward is an indie game where you play as John, a miner, and Sam, his adopted daughter. The story is set in a time when the world is ruined and the main characters live underground. The land above is forbidden. So you can guess what John and Sam do…

I’m still very early on in Eastward. I think I know where the story is going but we’ll see. I am absolutely loving the game so far!

What makes Eastward so great?

First of all, lets talk about the graphics! Eastward is a very good looking game. The artwork is so well done. The characters and environments look fantastic.

Graphics alone do not make a great game though. Gameplay is extremely important and so far, Eastward is fantastic in the gameplay department.

Eastward has you controlling two characters. At first, you take turns controlling them via the story and at a certain point, you are given the option to switch between them whenever you want. In some games, switching between two characters can get annoying. Eastward handles it well.

John is very much about combat, while Sam can freeze enemies in place for a short time and light up a room. If you switch quickly between the two of them, you can freeze an enemy and then have John get rid of them quickly. Its pretty cool!


Eastward also has a mini retro 2D rpg in it! You’ll discover this early on. If you’re a fan of old school turn-based rpgs like I am, then you’ll absolutely love this mini rpg and what to play it whenever you get the chance. The combat is very old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Its pretty neat!

Based on the previews of Eastward, it looks like you’ll eventually see more areas of the world and get more weapons and have a grand adventure. Like I said before, I’m still very early on Eastward. Its already a great game. I can’t wait to play more of it and see what other amazing things the game holds.

Have you played Eastward? What do you think of it?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I do wish I had Eastward on the Switch too!


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