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Everything You Need to Know About Farming Tales

If you think back a few years, games were very simplistic. The goal was to clear a certain amount of land and make as much money as you could from it. There really wasn’t any substance to the game other than that.


This game seeks to change that by adding the concept of an RPG into an already popular type of mobile gaming. In this article, we’ll look at what makes Farming Tales so unique compared with its predecessors, as well as what’s going on behind the scenes.

What is a RPG?

RPG stands for role-playing games that allow you to take on the persona of someone else, usually in a fantasy world. The goal is to defeat enemies and complete quests for wealth, honor, or other rewards that give the person playing the game an advantage over their adversaries.

What Makes it Unique?

If you have played Farmville or any similar farming style game for iOS or Android, then you know they are fairly simple and easy to understand. A lot of people play them but they aren’t quite getting their money’s worth.

That’s where Farming Tales comes in. This game offers a new level of excitement and challenge that older farming games just don’t have. It borrows features from RPG games to make the experience more engaging for players.


For instance, you can now battle bosses, upgrade your equipment, and even join a guild. These features add an extra layer of excitement that other farming games lack. Additionally, the storyline is actually quite interesting and provides motivation to keep playing.

You’re not just working to make money so you can buy a bigger cow – there is an overarching goal that you are striving for. This makes the game more immersive and keeps players coming back for more.

What’s Going on Behind the Scenes?

The developers of Farming Tales put a great deal of effort into this game. They wanted to bring something fresh and new to the table for players who are constantly looking to be entertained. To do this, they needed a big idea that would make Farming Tales stand out from similar games.

The developers didn’t want to stop there though – they also wanted each aspect of Farming Tales to be unique as well. This meant creating storylines that could only exist within the world of the game itself. It also meant designing bosses that are different from anything else you’d see in another RPG or farming game.

Finally, it meant creating equipment that was not only functional but also visually appealing. All these elements play off one another so it’s important for all aspects of the game to mesh together properly.

Is Farming Tales Worth Playing?

Farming Tales is a new game for iOS and Android that incorporates new elements not seen before in the farming genre. The custom level design, engaging storyline, and unique gameplay all come together to create an amazing experience.

It will challenge you as you try to complete quests and progress through the story, but it’s never so hard that you’ll give up on it entirely.  The developers have done a great job of making this game accessible to anyone with a mobile device. You can also read on Yahoo an article all about the appeal of these types of games.

Things That We Don’t Like About Farming Tales

While Farming Tales has a lot going for it, there are a few things that could be improved. For instance, this is not a turn-based style of game. If you want to do anything in the game then you have to wait for your energy points to regenerate since they don’t just keep adding up over time. The other problem with the way the game is set up is that there isn’t enough variety when it comes to how battles work.


In other games where combat takes place, you have more options when fighting bosses or minions in order to win. In Farming Tales, however, all you can really do is attack and rely on special abilities if available. This lack of creativity in one area detracts from what would otherwise

That all said, this game has just enough uniqueness to make it stand out from similar games while still being accessible enough for any player. We highly recommend giving it a shot if you want something different than your usual mobile gaming fix.