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Boot Hill Heroes

Boot Hill Heroes is the prequel to Boot Hill Bounties. According to the developer it was “originally developed and released first”. It is now on the Nintendo Switch. We previously did a review of Bounties and gave it a 9.5 out of 10. So how is Boot Hill Heroes?


Boot Hill Heroes is very similar to the Boot Hill Bounties. The battle system is, in fact, exactly the same. The world is the same as the other game. The story is the big difference between the two games.

As a prequel, this game finds a younger hero and the world at a different time. Its an interesting story but not as interesting as Boot Hill Bounties. The story seemed better developed with that game.

Not only that but while the graphics are pretty similar to Bounties, this game’s graphics seem less polished. Some of the enemies, such as the turtles, do not look as well drawn as the second game. Boot Hill Heroes feels like “more of the same”, while the second game feels like a fresh and fun experience.

Boot Hill Heroes is not a bad game. If you liked the battle system on the other game, you’ll like it here. Many of the same things that were in Boot Heroes Bounties, like the dog who saves your game (still the best character), are in this game too.

Perhaps if Boot Hill Heroes was released first, maybe we’d like it better. Bounties just feels superior in every way: better story, better graphics, and the same cool battle system.

Boot Hill Heroes is a good game but if we had to recommend one game over the other, Boot Hill Bounties would win the day. Overall, both games are good and totally different from any other rpgs currently on the Nintendo Switch.

Boot Hill Heroes gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Thank you to ExpGamerStudios for providing a digital code for this review. Boot Hill Heroes is available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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