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Biggest Games That Have A Mobile Edition

If you’re an avid gamer, there’s nothing worse than waiting to get in front of your console or PC to enjoy your favourite game. That explains why smartphone gaming has been on the rise, as most people always have access to their handheld devices at any time due to their portability. In fact, over 72% of mobile owners in America use them for mobile gaming.

While most high-quality titles are developed for PC and consoles first, game publishers have converted dozens of games to be mobile compatible. Here are the biggest PC and console games that developers have made mobile-compatible for players looking to have more fun after betting in the top mobile sportsbooks with their smartphones.

The Grand Theft Auto Series

Rockstar Games has proven that mobile phones and tablets can also hack proper gaming, releasing several classic GTA titles for android and iOS. From the series, you can play GTA 3 – the first full-3D game in this series, the massive San Andreas and fan-favourite Vice City.

While most people used to wonder whether it was possible to play San Andreas using PS 2 back in the day, now it’s possible to play the game on iPhone 4S. You can also play the PSP/DS classic GTA: Chinatown and Liberty City Stories, also available on PS2.

Nostalgia aside, GTA: San Andreas remains the richest in the series, but Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars might be easier to hack if on-screen controls don’t work well for you. Fortunately, iTunes offers a pack with every Rockstar port to save you a little cash.

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is one of the most popular online multiplayer games that bring players together from all over the world to fight until the last man is left standing. A Japanese movie, Battle Royale, inspired the game, and it offers the players endless action and entertainment. However, you need skill and luck to win.


With PUBG being among the best-selling titles of all time, the move to create a mobile-compatible version for android and iOS was the next logical step for the title. Today, PUBG mobile boasts of incredibly high replay value, with in-game items and dozens of variations.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Similar to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite is another massively popular multiplayer offering that has become a natural phenomenon. In Fortnite, you get to fight your friends online, with the objective of being the last person standing. You can also use your construction skills and other objects featured in the game to help you survive.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available on iOS and android, with its action-packed fun catching the attention of professional athletes, celebrities and average players. The game has become a household name in the gaming market, and it’s worth trying on your mobile phone.


Despite the lack of a storyline and pixelated graphics, Minecraft is among the world’s most played games, with more than 90 million players every month. Minecraft’sMinecraft’s premise is straightforward as it involves exploring a virtually endless world while collecting resources to build creations using blocks.

Although there are additional options in the gameplay, the game is perfect for expressing your creativity by making whatever you want. The game was initially released on PC, but now it allows you to express your building skills and design vision using your android or iOS device.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

While neither iOS or Android devices are short of quality online shooter games, Call of Duty arguably has the most comprehensive package. The game bundles together an exquisite fast-paced multiplayer shooter gameplay with an expansive Battle Royale mode.


Call of Duty was first released in 2003 by Activision, and the series has only improved in graphics and storyline since then. Today, Call of Duty: Mobile offers stunning graphics, plenty of playing modes to try and top-notch controller support.

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games single-handedly dominated the point-and-click genre for over a decade, and most of these console/PC adventures are now accessible on iOS and android. These classic games that require combining certain objects with a particular item are brought together in a story, with minimal nonsensical puzzles that most people might have seen in older 90s adventures.

The Walking Dead was split into seasons and chapters, with every chapter lasting for a few hours. Its gameplay is captivating, offering you the most emotionally jangling experiences you can find on iOS/Android.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days when Snake was the only game available on mobile phones. Today, game developers are always working hard to improve iOS and Android gaming, with the likes of Google Stadia and Project xCloud heavily invading the console gaming market in a huge way. As such, you can expect developers to convert more mobile and PC games to be mobile compatible.