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A Good Dragon Taming Game? | My Universe: My Baby Dragon

The My Universe games are polarizing, and often fit next to games like those from Outright Games. Games that look great, but perhaps some would argue that they lack gameplay and mechanics that most other games in these genres have. Take it from someone who has spent a lot of time playing htese games – for what you pay, the experiences are excellent, and yes, geared towards kids. So is My Universe: My Baby Dragon a solid dragon taming experience? Or one that falls flat. Let’s take a look.


My eight year old son Lochlan had a blast with the game – when we setup some time to stream it with viewers on YouTube, I lost the controller after about 20 minutes and didn’t get it back for the next two hours. There isn’t a ton to do in My Baby Dragon, but what is here is great for younger audiences. As a big fan of dragons myself, I must admit I enjoyed it too.

It all begins with a Dragon egg and a set of tools you will need to use to determine what kind of dragon it is. You will look at the dragon’s shape inside the egg, listen to it’s cry, look closely at the scales of the egg, and more. It’s an interesting minigames that actually gets you excited as you work to determine what kind of egg it actually is. After successfully identifying the egg, it’s time to work on bedding for that egg and dragon. Based on it’s type – fire, water, air, and earth – you will need to use specific items to give it the best possible nest. Most items will need to be unlocked over time, but you should have enough items to properly prepare for your first few dragons.

Once your dragon is born, it’s time to care for it and nurture it, until the time comes for the dragon to go away to Dragon School. You are, after all, only charged with getting the dragon out of childhood. Your dragon has a few key stats that need to be levelled up, flying and magic. These are done by playing minigames available in the world. Flying minigames will have you leading your dragon through a series of hoops, collecting coins and bouncing off objects to complete it all within a time frame. The magic mini game has you shooting at targets, sometimes stationary and sometimes moving. Complete all the targets in the time frame to slowly upgrade your magic comprehension!

There are other things to do as well, like petting your dragon, feeding your dragon, and bathing your dragon. You can also accessories your dragon and yourself with Jewlery and outfits. It’s a lot of fun unlocking new items to use, and colours to have access to!

Overall, our experience with My Baby Dragon has been pretty good. There are a few control quirks that need to be ironed out in an update, and I’m not a huge fan of the camera, but overall still a great experience.


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