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Xbox Celebrates 20 Years

Today is the day that the Xbox brand celebrates 20 years. It’s a fantastic milestone for a company who has experienced many ups and downs. The highs of the Xbox 360, the lows of the Xbox One, and the mind boggling success of Xbox Game Pass have all shaped the company many of us know and love. And it’s their birthday.


Folks have always said that those who own a Nintendo Switch generally own one other console, whether that be a PlayStation or an Xbox. And for me, that holds true. When I had a the GameCube, we also had the original Xbox. When I had a Wii, we also had the Xbox 360. When I had a Wii U, we had the Xbox One, and when we had the Switch, we had the Xbox Series X. Xbox has been as much a staple in the Roffel family – both past and present – as Nintendo, and for anyone who knows me, that is saying a lot.

You can watch today’s special livestream at the link below:

I almost always prefer Nintendo franchises over those from other companies, but I couldn’t imagine missing out on the latest HALO, the newest Fable, or the oppertunity to play a genre I generally hate when loading up Forza Horizon. Without Xbox, these great games might not exist, and that would be unfortunate.

So today we celebrate 20 years of greatness. 20 years of awesome titles. 20 years of highs and lows. It’s been crazy, but it’s been all worth it. Happy Birthday, Xbox. Hoping to see many more!

I’d kick myself if I didn’t shout out the folks at Xbox Canada for their continued support of – not only have we had the opportunity to review the Xbox One X, Series X and Series S, but countless first party titles as well. We’ve also been able to party with them at numerous events, celebrating milestones and achievements year after year. Thank you Xbox Canada!


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