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Wrapping Animal Crossing DLC in NSO is Brilliant for Consumers

One of the many benefits of paying for something like Xbox Game Pass is that it allows me to try some first party games that normally I would not have shelled money our for. I actually wrote about this a while ago when it came to Flight Simulator, a game that I wanted to try, ultimately hated, and glad I didn’t spend full retail price on. And once again, DLC wrapped into a service has saved me money. And this time, I’m shocked to say it’s Animal Crossing.


While some of the new content in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise is fun and exciting, I realized that decorating houses isn’t what I like to do in the game. I’ve had the DLC and streamed it all weekend with fans of the game, but through a few hours of streaming, I only completed a total of 3 houses in Happy Home Paradise, and spent less than 1/4 of my time on the island doing various things. Am I glad it exists? Of course I am, since I know how much people loved Happy Home Designer.

But it wasn’t for me, and thankfully I’m not out the purchase price of the DLC.

Yes, I’m still paying for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass, but while many have ragged on the price – $60+ in Canada for 12 months for an individual plan, $99.99 for the Family Plan – I’m actually OK with it. Mind you, I have 4 Switches in my home so the $25 per person I pay for each Switch is pretty good. But let’s get back to the topic at hand.

See, I’d be getting the Expansion Pass for Nintendo Switch Online whether it came with the Animal Crossing paid DLC or not – I love the opportunity to play Nintendo 64 games, and despite the issues am still enjoying my time with them. Plus, the promise of more games, including Banjo Kazooie, has me excited for the future of the Expansion Pass. Donkey Kong 64 next, please!

But I can tell you with certainty that if I had paid out of pocket for the DLC for Animal Crossing, I would be very disappointed. And not because I think it’s not a worthwhile value for what you get, but because I’m likely not going to play it often, if at all. So I absolutely LOVE that it is wrapped up in the Expansion Pass, and hope they add more DLC in the future for other titles.

Continue this trend, Nintendo. While others might hate it, I love it!


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