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Two New Pokémon Build A Bear Plushies Coming to Retail

One of the better line of plush toys available from Build-A-Bear has to be the Pokémon characters. This might be followed closely by the Super Mario characters, but there is something about the Pokémon Plush toys that just make a lot of sense! Today, the Pokémon Company International and Build-A-Bear announced a brand new Pokémon plush coming to the retailer, as well as an older favourite coming back!


blankBuild-A-Bear Workshop Pokémon Teddiursa

(Ages 6+/ MSRP: $32.00-$40.00/ Available 11/3 at Build-A-Bear)

Surprise any Pokémon Trainer on your list with a gift sweeter than honey: Teddiursa is the newest Pokémon plush from Build-A-Bear! This Normal-type Pokémon has tan fur, white claws, oversized ears and smiley face. Make your own Teddiursa plush in stores or bring home its online bundle with Teddiursa’s exclusive green hoodie, blue PJ sleeper and 5-in-1 sound chip included.


Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokémon Jumbo Snorlax

(Ages 6+/ MSRP: $99.50/ Available 11/3 at Build-A-Bear)

Wake up, Pokémon Trainers! Jumbo Snorlax is BACK at Build-A-Bear and ready to join your Pokémon team! The online exclusive bundle includes the 24 in. Jumbo Snorlax with a robe and sleeping cap!


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