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Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village isn’t what you think it is. Instead of an action/adventure game like Zelda, Lonesome Village is an adventure game with simulation and puzzle elements. Is it a good game though? Here is our review of Lonesome Village for the Nintendo Switch!


Lonesome Village is a cozy adventure game where you rescue a town full of animals by solving puzzles in a massive tower. As you get more villagers for the town, things start to unlock like buying furniture, growing things, fishing, and more. Lonesome Village is also a bit of simulation game because you can fish, farm, and decorate your house. You do all of that within the pecific storyline though. Its an interesting story, but the gameplay is even better.

When you first start Lonesome Village you may think “Oh it’s a Legend of Zelda clone”. It is not at all like Legend of Zelda. There is no combat in this game. And the puzzles you’ll find in the tower are nothing at all like the puzzles you find in Zelda games. The puzzles in Lonesome Village can be challenging but not too challenging. The game maintains a very cozy and fun experience. If you like puzzles and you like simulation games, then you’ll be right at home with Lonesome Village.

The controls are easy to pick up and work well for the most part. We do wish there was a run button in addition to the roll button. There is also a short pause when you reload a save and during that period, you can’t move. Don’t worry, your game hasn’t frozen. Just wait a second. Otherwise, Lonesome Village runs great and looks good too.


Lonesome Village has very nice graphics. There are special animated cutscenes for certain parts of the story and the normal graphics look a lot like the animated ones. Lonesome Village is really well designed.

If you are a fan of puzzle games, rpgs, and sims, then you’ll likely want to check Lonesome Village out. There is no combat but the puzzles offer some challenge and then the simulation elements like you sit back and relax a bit too. There is so much to do in this game. It’s a lot of fun.

Lonesome Village gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Thank you to Player Two PR for providing a digital copy for review. Lonesome Village is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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