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Half-Life: Alyx Revealed

“Gordon? Gordon Freeman? Is that you?” Nope. This adventure isn’t about Gordon Freeman. Instead it focuses on Alyx, another important character from Half-Life 2. Also, this game isn’t Half-Life 3. And its a VR game. Check out the trailer below and then please come back for some thoughts on this new Half-Life game!

Half-LIfe: Alyx is a VR game coming to STEAM in March 2020. It is not Half-Life 3. Instead, its a VR adventure with Alyx from Half-Life 2.

And as a Half-Life fan I have to say that this trailer looks awesome. Everything about it screams Half-Life 2, but with even better graphics. The game looks great!

Though, as someone who is not a VR fan, I’m sad that I’ll miss this Half-Life journey. It is very exciting to see Half-Life back after all this time, though I wish it was as non-VR game. We can only hope that this new VR game will lead to even more trips to the Half-Life universe!

Are you excited for Half-Life: Alyx? Let us know in the comments what you think of the reveal trailer!


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