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Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain Demo Thoughts

Last night, Nintendo released a demo for Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain on the Switch eshop! I tried out the demo and now I have some thoughts on it.


Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain, Nintendo’s newest Brain training game, will be coming out for the Switch on December 3rd. Nintendo released a demo for it last night. Here are my thoughts on the demo:

The demo for Big Brain Academy isn’t huge but it’ll give you a good idea of what the game offers. The player starts out by telling the game your age, occupation, creating an avatar, and giving it your credit card number. Okay, I made that last one up. No credit card number but the game is finding out some things about you. After that, you can try out three mini-games in practice mode (theres more games and mode modes in the full game): one in Identify, one in Compute, and one in Visualize.


Under Identify you can play Whack Match. Basically its like whack a mole expect instead of moles popping out of some holes its items or symbols. You have to whack (with a hammer) the items/symbols that come out of the hole that match up with whatever is shown to you in lineup above it all. This sounds simple but things pop up and go down quickly. You can use buttons or the touch screen to quickly pick what matches and advance to the next set. This game is very simple and yet super addictive.

Meanwhile, in Compute you find Balloon Burst. In this game, you are presented with balloons that have numbers on them. You have to pop the balloons from lowest number to highest. This sounds easy too but you have to pop balloons quickly because you are under a time limit. Plus the balloons will be upside down or sideways sometimes making it harder to see if the number is low or high. This is another simple, yet addictive game.

Finally, there’s Shadow Shift under Visualize. This game has you guessing what shadows are by pressing on the picture that you think matches the shadow. Sounds easy but the shadows float around, also sometimes they overlap and that makes it harder to figure out what a shadow is. As with the other games, its very simple and addictive.

All three games are neat and very replayable. The button and touch screen controls work well. There is also a local party mode available in the demo but I wasn’t able to try it out.


Brain training games are not for everyone. Some people will find these games boring. Personally, I think they are neat when done well. Nintendo tends do a good job with them! The games are fun, good time killers, and help to keep your mind sharp. Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain looks like it’ll be another fun game for the Nintendo Switch.

The demo for Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain is available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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