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Access+ Timeline a Massive Hit

Asmodee is pushing forward with Access+ titles. What does this mean? It means taking past games and making them more accessible, in a few different ways. In terms of Access+ Timeline, it’s about taking a game that was micro in size and making it bigger and more accessible for younger audiences and those with sight issues. Let’s take a look at Access+ Timeline.


Timeline – What is It?

Timeline is actually a pretty basic game, and while there are a few different ways to play – see the rulebook for those variations – the essence of the game is pretty straight forward. Each player has a number of different cards with a title and a picture. Perhaps it is “The Invention of the Washing Machine” and a picture of the washing machine. Then, looking at the centre of the table where one-or-more cards will be laying – bottom side up, showing the title and picture, but also the historica date – players will decide where to place their card. Was the invention of the washing machine before or after the invention of the lightbulb.

The player who first plays all of their cards is the winner!

Access+ – What is That?

In past iterations of Timeline and Cardline, the games have historically come in really small tins with very small cards. This really hasn’t been a problem for my family until one family member began having issues reading the tiny cards, and my kids were having issues holding the tiny cards. This is where the Access+ lineup comes into play. These games are created to provide a better game experience for everyone. For Timeline, that means larger cards, bigger pictures and larger words.

This makes Timeline much more accessible for all audiences. Before it was OK, but with Access+ it is now excellent. I hope they continue to sell the original – as not everyone needs the Access+ version and it does take up more shelf space – but I’m glad to see this look to make games more accessible for all!


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