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YouTubers Life 2 a Relaxing Experience – Nothing Like Real Life and That’s Great!

YouTubers Life 2 is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and while the game is far from accurate when it comes to showing what life as a YouTuber is like, the relaxing experience is making it one of my favourite games I’ve played on my Nintendo Switch in a long while. As someone who isn’t into the Metroid craze, having access to this game right now is a god-send!

In YouTubers Life 2, you’ll create your own avatar and be let loose on NewTube City. You can record and edit videos, perform tasks for your neighbors, attend major events in the city, and so much more. For something that seems so shallow on the surface, the game itself actually boasts a decent amount of content and I’ve enjoyed almost all of it.

Managing time within the game can be difficult, and more often than not, I wasn’t able to complete all the tasks given to me, but once I came to terms with that, I had a great experience. And it all works really well and is logical. Try to tackle topics that are currently trending. Keep up with all the social media accounts, including InstaLife and more. Make a good combination of videos – for me that was making gaming videos AND making commentary vlogs!


But yet, while real YouTubing can be incredibly stressful, YouTubers Life 2 is a very relaxing experience. I never felt like I was fighting the game, or that things weren’t going to work out in my favour. Each and every decision had consequences, but I always felt that my channel was moving forward, regardless of what I did. That meant even a bad decision would not derail my entire career.

All-in-all, there is little to complain about in YouTubers Life 2. While it might not be for everyone, there is still a good amount of content here for fans of simulation games to enjoy. And it’s relaxing, so kick back with that Nintendo Switch, get a good drink in your hands, and begin creating that YouTube empire.


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