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Why Everyone Should Be a Video Gamer

Video games are a special kind of media in that they have something the others do not. They can tell the same complex stories that books and films can. Some of the soundtracks that are composed for movies also rival the best offerings from the music industry.


However, video games are in a unique position as they can provide interactivity to their users. This means that the story is not just told – it is lived in. For those who are lucky enough to own video games based on their favorite franchises, this is the ultimate dream as they can load into a living, breathing world based on the universe that the franchise created.

There is no doubting that video games have become immensely popular since their inception. This is not just a coincidence – they are intensely enjoyable sources of entertainment that can captivate people’s attention and speak to them in different ways. Historically, it was assumed that video games were bad for us. This is because some asserted that they promote apathy and can cause harmful effects such as behavioral problems and eye strain.

While these have an element of truth, the reality is much more diluted, and they are harmful in the same way that any other kind of media is harmful when it is consumed for too long. However, the fact that just under half the world’s population are gamers should show that the negative effects are negligible.

Once video games are analysed for what they actually provide users, it is clear to see that they are, on the contrary, beneficial to those who play them. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that virtually everyone in the world can benefit from playing video games, due to the host of different benefits they offer.


The world has always been stricken with strife and hardships, but in recent times, the scope of this issue has been magnified tenfold. This is because of the virus which managed to stop the world and yet at the same time bring it together to search for a vaccine. Considering the landscape of the world at this point, having an escape is necessary for maintaining a good mental health state. Some may use things like online gambling for this like these real money casinos but many more will turn to gaming as it remains one of the best forms of escapism there is.

Another way in which games benefits players is when it comes to education. No matter the age, there is always something to learn from a game whether it be historical information from games like Assassins’ Creed, logical thinking skills from The Witness, or a moral lesson from the Last of Us. Video games can teach us all kinds of things, something that is relegated to the background when critics consider the violence that exists within them.

It should now be painfully clear why video games are so great to all. When taken in moderation, there are only positive effects to be had from them.


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