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What is Advance Deposit Wagering, and how does it work in Poland

The gambling sector is one of the biggest and lucrative industries we have today. The potential has grown beyond limits and crossing borders to areas it never existed. The journey has been challenging as many countries have taken much time to legalize the activity. Enrollment of technology has fueled the growth creating awareness to many across the world.

Despite the potential to grow and influence many, the world has to learn a few terminologies related to gambling. Knowledge is power and has benefited many in different fields. Our expert, Clara Czerwinska, sheds some light on advance deposit wagering and how it works in Poland.

What is Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW)?

It is a form of betting that requires a bettor to fund an account first before placing bets. The structure of gambling has steadily grown ever since its legalization in 1999 in Illinois. It is now available in over 30 states. The mode of gambling applies to horse racing and reflects the growth in interest in betting on races by bettors who are not at the track.


Horse racing in Poland is legal and is regulated by the Polish Jockey Club under the Ministry of Agriculture. It costs about £10,000 for a bookmaking outlet to acquire a license. Horse racing is very popular in Iowa, US. The region has an act that legalizes and applies to Pari-mutuel betting on dog and horse races in the state.

Although advance deposit wagering is explicitly done for off-track betting on horse racing, casinos in Poland have also adopted it. Earlier, bookmakers would extend a line of credit, allow gamblers to bet, and players would after that settle up their overall losses at the end of the month.

Today, gambling in Poland has made it possible to open credit accounts. Most sportsbooks in the country emphasize gamblers to put their money in place before striking a bet. Advance-deposit wagering goes along with the global trend, and its usage is widespread in Poland.

Advantages of ADW

Gamblers can keep precise track of how much they can stake is the most recognizable advantage of Advance Deposit Wagering. Staking money first means that a gambler cannot run up an enormous debt on credit and face a nasty surprise in the middle of a game. The popular mode of gambling has introduced efficiency by helping gamblers bet on a horse race without being on track.

It is also possible to wager in the state where the race is taking place without appearing in the horse arena. A gambling platform that offers bets with ADW cannot face the risk of gamblers running up debts and facing a challenge to pay them. In addition, it is another way to indirectly create new revenue ways for betting operators and the racing sport. Polish players can access various platforms that promote advance deposit wagering through online casino.

Disadvantages of ADW

Sometimes a gambler may see a horse they fancy or notice it in a previous race and decide to place a bet on the next race. However, time may not be on their favorite side, and they realize only a few minutes before the race begins. Gamblers must have money to place their bets with the betting operators before they place their bets, meaning that they don’t get the chance in time. On the other hand, ADW has helped bettors avoid impulsive and illogical decisions that lead to losses.

The advance deposit wagering has caused disinterest in racing and engagement in the sport.

Legality of ADW

The form was legalized in 1999 by seven states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. In 2015, 21 more states had already jumped into the moving wagon, such as Washington, Nevada, and many more. Racetrack owners, horse trainers, and state governments receive a share of ADW revenues.

Cities such as New York and Nevada benefit from a significant source of income. According to a report released by the State of New York and Wagering Board, state race tracks charged fees to advance-deposit wagering entities that were higher for out-of-state providers.

Gambling is a massive industry that continues to grow. Having adequate gambling information helps gamblers in their gambling journey.