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Top PlayStation and Xbox Games about Gambling, Casinos, And Jackpot

The world is advancing and will keep on advancing technologically and in every other area. Things that would make you leave your house or comfort zone can now be done from the comfort of your home, thanks to technology. From working remotely to online shopping, and gambling, we live in a more comfortable world now.

Online gambling is becoming more of a thing these days. Everyone would rather gamble where they are most comfortable; who wouldn’t? However, why go to your local casinos or the almighty Las Vegas when you can gamble at home? That’s right, your PlayStation or Xbox console comes with a casino of its own.

This review is for gambling enthusiasts and video game lovers.

Top 5 Casino & Betting Games on PlayStation and Xbox

Here is a list of the top PlayStation and Xbox casino games you should give your time to;

  • Grand Theft Auto 5: The Diamond Casino & Resort.

GTA 5, which was launched in 2013, is available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The Diamond Casino & Resort update was added by the developer, Rockstar games, in 2019. It is a casino game that requires players to have a lot of cash to engage in most of the services & features. To get access to most jackpot games, players would need to acquire a membership that costs $500.

Having a membership doesn’t get you all the features; you will need to upgrade to the VIP membership to get full access. The VIP membership is immediately included when a player purchases a penthouse, and the cheapest penthouse is $1,500,000. Other than the cost for full access, the diamond casino & resort is one of the best.

  • Pure Hold’Em.

The Texas Hold’Em stimulated game is available in both PlayStations and Xbox consoles and was released in 2015 by VooFoo Studios. It is a huge replacement for the popular card game, Poker. It allows for a maximum of eight players, and players can host tournaments and invite their friends to this game. In situations where you and your friends can’t meet for Poker night, Pure Hold’Em is a big replacement.

It has amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and the only negative feature is the loud soundtrack. The game is enjoyable whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player. Even though there might never be a digital game that can replace physical poker games, Pure Hold’Em gives one an amazing experience. What makes it more amazing is that it has free features for those who can’t afford the paid option.

  • Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is a poker-stimulated game developed by 505 Studio. It is one of the top simulation casino games in the world of online casinos. It has an amazing multiplayer experience that comes with tournaments, regularly scheduled events, and daily challenges.

It has stunning graphics, amazing gameplay, and a unique style of humor. The game allows players to view the game from a third-person perspective. Like most online casinos on consoles, you can’t play for free money. Other than that, it’s a breathtaking, fun, and relaxing game.

  • Red Dead Redemption

Yes, Red Dead Redemption is an action game, but one that stands out from others. The western-themed action-adventure game has six different betting games players can take pleasure in. The game was developed by Rockstar, the same developer that created GTA 5. It is available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Liar’s Dice, Horse Shoes, Arm Wrestling, Texas Hold’Em, and Five Finger Fillet are the betting/casino games infused in this game.


These multiple award-winning games have stunning graphics and amazing gameplay. Other than the casino and betting games, you can always explore other parts of the game.

  • The Four King Casino and Slots.

Developed by digital leisure and released in 2015, The Four King Casino and Slots is a social online multiplayer game. This is highly recommended for every casino lover who enjoys playing Poker, Blackjack, and other related games.

The game is free; you’re only required to pay when upgrading to VIP. Other than that, you can always socialize and play at low-limit tables. To players who derive fun in competition, top-ranked players at the end of every season are awarded. Each season lasts for three months, and the number one player gets their picture posted in the hall of fame. This game is even better and more fun because you can customize your avatar to best suit your personality.

There are more betting and casino games on PlayStation and Xbox; these are only five outstanding ones. Online casino games simulate gambling via games mostly played at casinos. They are also developed mostly for people that find it hard going to physical casinos. While online casinos might be a bit different, the thrills are still there. Online gambling and casinos are getting bigger year by year, thanks to platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. While you’re having fun playing these games, don’t forget, gamble responsibly.