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The Technology Used In Online Slots

The last decade was the era of technological transformations. People found their lives changing for the better, which was evident in almost all aspects of their lives. Online gaming became a favorite pastime as people found it more convenient than playing at the casinos.


As time is passing the technology used in online slots is becoming more advanced. Here we will tell you about the technology that is making online slots so attractive to players.

Special reel layout

Most of the online slots adopt a unique reel layout all throughout. Either the games will have a layout of five reels with three rows or a few reels layout. These online slots use special symbols, and you have to match some identical symbols to make money.

The unique features that most games have are based on each game individually. To know which special features are offered by online casino Malaysia in a game, you have to check its paytable.

Random number generator

Another technology used in online slots is the random number generators. This RNG randomizes the outcome of your slot game. This means that there is very little chance for only one person to keep winning. Also, nobody can predict the outcome of this game in advance.

It is the RNG that will calculate which symbols will land on the reels. RNG is responsible for online slots’ main game play. Once you hit the spin button, the outcome of the spinning can go either in or out of your favor.

RTP rate

RTP is returning to player rate. It is the average percentage of the gambling money that is usually given back to the players. RTP is measured over a long period and uses the number of multiple players.

This means there is no way of finding when you may receive a pay-out using this RTP. But it is always better to opt for a website with a higher RTP because it means that there will be a higher chance of you winning.

HTML 5 use 

Earlier, the online slots were created using Flash. However, that came with its share of problems. Therefore online slot games Malaysia have started using HTML 5 to create the slot games.


A considerable population of players uses smartphones to play their casino games. Having HTML5 at the base means the game can be accessed on mobiles, which is an essential requirement these days.


If you are looking for an online slot website for playing, these are some technical terms that you will have to face. For better earning and instant success, choose a website that uses HTML5 and has high RTP. Plus, it should have a Random number generator as that reduces the chances of any duping happening during the games.

The variety of games available is also a deciding factor when it comes to online slots. Some websites offer a wide variety of beautiful and visually attractive games. When you play there, you are transported to a new world that you want to achieve by playing.