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The Synthesis of Gaming and Gambling: Casino Heroes

Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone, and most people are gamers whether they know it or not. You play Clash of Clans? You’re a Gamer. You play Angry Birds? Gamer. What about Pokemon: GO? You’re a gamer. These games are so popular, it is estimated that Clash of Clans makes $1.5 million dollars per day. Wow. Games with unlockable content, leaderboards, and RPG elements are incredibly popular because they keep the player coming back for more, to level up or gather gems or whatever that game may have.


Most of the people that play these games are adults, and what else do adults like? Thats right, gambling. So we’ve decided to learn more about so called casino adventure games and take a look at what the next wave of gaming and gambling may have in store.

Casino Heroes is the first and most exciting combination of gaming and gambling that is taking the thrill of leveling up and defeating monsters and adding a real money element. While Casino Heroes has slot machines and table games, the gamification comes from its Casino Heroes adventure. Like many games, you choose an avatar for your Hero and move around the map to face challenges, level up, and win loot. Your adventure begins on Treasure Island, where you face Betser, the evil dragon who has captured Treasure Mountain. Defeat this boss, and other bosses, and gain Rubies that can be traded for items at the Ruby store. As in any good adventure game, the more you play, the more your hero progresses. If you’re a gambler, you’ll trade your Rubies in for free spins of the casino’s many slot machines that pay out real cash.

Where most adventure games get a bit stale after a time, when your character has reached a place that is difficult to proceed from, the casino adventure games, like Casino Heroes, will always pull users back with the thrill of winning real money jackpots. Casino adventures can use addicting techniques such as virtual currency that corresponds with casino currency, tournament style events where players can match up against other real humans, and narrative story lines that draw the player into the adventure more than a typical slot machine game would.


Casino Heroes, like any good online casino, offers deposit bonuses for its players that give free spins and unlock additional games. For those who are wary of depositing to online casinos, which is a reasonable stance to take, take solace in the fact that your deposits are protected by a third party, called ContentWatch. The last thing you want to worry about is the site’s safety while you’re moving through your epic hero’s journey. The game comes from Swedish developer Herogaming Limited, has currency support for the Euro and has language support in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

The future of gamification will be interesting watch develop. According to a study by Technavio and Yahoo! Finance, “the global online gambling marketing is expected to exceed $60 Billion by 2020.” Considering this, it is safe to say this is a trend on the rise. For now we have Casino Heroes, but the future may hold gambling adventures for FPS, RTS or MOBA players as well.

You’ve reached the end of this article, brave hero, but the ultimate question remains: Will you set sail for the Kingdom of Heroes? Become a legendary hero and collect all the Rubies that you can. Who knows? Your Hero’s tale might just pay off in the real world.