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New World; Pushing the Bar, or Just Another MMO?

It has been a little over a week since Amazon Game Studios newest effort in the MMORPG market, New World, saw its launch – despite a number of delays that pushed the game back by over a year initially and then a further month, it was met with a lot of excitement and was able to break records on Steam and Twitch with incredible player and viewership numbers.

With newer games launching all the time as players can click here to find some of the most exciting options for more casual players with online mobile gaming leading the way, standing out can be difficult, but that’s exactly what New World was able to do – but is it a game that pushes the bar higher, or is it just another MMORPG title that will look to fall by the wayside after the initial hype dies down?

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Despite the initial server issues which led to long queue times and leaving players to play on less desirable servers, the launch week couldn’t really have gone much better – peaking at nearly one million concurrent players on Steam and pulling in nearly the same number of concurrent viewers on Twitch, early figures would suggest the game was wildly successful.

Some of these figures may have been bolstered by the in-game drops that were offered by the streamers, but was noticeable enough that even Amazon boss Jeff Bezos tweeted about the occasion and gave praise to the release of the game – some streamers did what they do best and rushed through all of the content the game has to offer in a matter of days and players hitting the level cap were able to do so in just a few days, with others taking a more leisurely approach and exploring the games vast crafting options instead.

For some the server issues were enough to turn them away, and the recent stories breaking about the miscommunication regarding server transfers has also left some feeling like the game isn’t worth playing after sinking hundreds of hours in without the ability to play with friends – from a content perspective, there have been some complaining that there isn’t enough to do in the end game but this is only expected after months of gameplay content for some had been consumed in a matter of days, but with future content releases planned soon, it can look to cover this somewhat.

The game itself is good enough to slot itself in as a great option for players looking for something different, and the survival aspects with the skilling side of things are certainly great – some players will remain concerned about the longevity of the game, however, but as the devs looks to really be listening to player feedback, some of the more negative points could be addressed quickly too.