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Netflix Online Gaming in France

Netflix is preparing to offer game streaming services directly to mobile users, beginning with places like France. This upcoming service will bring games directly to your existing subscription platform under a separate segment or category, at no additional cost.

Netflix is the most successful streaming service for movies and television. Over the last few years they have begun production on Netflix original productions. Now, the company is moving into video games.  Ad-free games are soon to be included in existing subscriptions for mobile users. There are many channels today that offer specific streaming options, and many movies and shows can be found overlapping across different channels or streaming platforms, but Netflix will soon set itself apart with online gaming.

Current Online Gaming in France

Netflix Online Gaming Laptop

Television streaming has quickly become a very competitive world thanks in large part to the demand of users who were under quarantine for the better part of the last 2 years. To that end, Netflix is working very hard to move into games in an effort to keep viewers interested in new original content as well as new games based on original shows and movies produced by the video streaming company.

Adding games will help consumers integrate additional forms of entertainment into their daily habits using their mobile devices or tablets.  Netflix has yet to announce specifically which games are going to be included, but EA Sports, publisher of things like FIFA, Madden 21, The Sims, and Mass Effect have already signed up to create and sponsor games for Netflix users. Similarly, Facebook has been hired by Netflix for the same thing, and it is Facebook that is behind the popular games like Candy Crush and Farmville. Netflix inspired online casino games are growing in popularity. Already, games online in France are growing in popularity with access to online gaming that mirrors some of the most highly rated Netflix shows.


Narcos, a show about Colombian drug lords, is a riveting series, one which has earned Netflix many accolades. Now, people who are interested in drug cartel themes can capitalize on a newly-released casino game styled after the show in terms of the characters, plot, and overall design. NetEnt has released the very popular Narcos casino game online.


Another popular iteration is that of Vikings. Vikings, a show about the real day-in-and-day-out life of pillaging Vikings who made their way across Europe can now be accessed in an online gaming format. With these games online you get to enjoy all of the same symbols and characters in a show you may already love, but with the added bonus of being able to potentially win money.

Preparing for Netflix Online Gaming

Users can prepare for games to come to their area by watching the Netflix High Score series.  Just because certain online games are not yet offered where you live doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the nostalgia that is traditional video games and prepare for what will no doubt be offered around the world. This particular series, high score, takes a deep look into the games that made the industry what it is today, examining the origin stories of many top games and game designers.

The show provides insight into the arcade games that launched the industry, especially that of Pac-Man and subsequently Mrs Pac-Man. When originally produced, engineers and designers were allowed to modify the most basic form of the game, a fact that resulted in the offshoot of Mrs Pac-Man. Eventually these games were modified for different video games stations before being converted into online opportunities and casino spin-offs.   

Not in France?

There are plenty of users who are not located currently in France but still might want to take advantage of the Netflix online gaming offered in France, especially if they are French speakers in a non French speaking area.  Until such time as Netflix begins releasing their gaming segment around the world, plans for which are projected for 2022.

What is the solution? Users who want access now to certain online games only available in France are turning to reliable VPNs to change their IP address so that it looks like they are located in France. This gives users and other parts of the world a head start when it comes to accessing Netflix inspired online casino games like NetEnt’s popular Narcos.

Even without a VPN or the ability to be the first in line when Netflix eventually releases its gaming segment, casino games online with similar themes as Netflix shows and features like Star Trek, which Netflix hosts through its subscription service, can provide ample entertainment.


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