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Multiplication Games – Learning By Fun

Maths is one of the hardest things a young child has to learn. It is the cornerstone of most understanding of the modern world – logic, science and, today, computers.


That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your child has a firm knowledge of mathematical principles. Without it, they’re going to be at a disadvantage. And that’s truer than ever.

Yes, with a phone in your pocket at all times, it might be tempting to think there’s no need to do mental arithmetic. But we use it all the time without even thinking about it.

That’s where sites like Multiplication Games come in. Combining online games with the principles of multiplication, children can enjoy learning about maths. They don’t even feel like they’re learning. And yet, they’ll gradually get better.

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games is a fun and educational website that helps youngsters to learn their multiplication tables.

Most of the games include solving a certain maths problem in order to complete a task. For instance, Multiplication Race pits you against other players in a maths themed race. The more answers you get, the faster your car goes. Get the most answers right in the fastest time and you will come first.

Games will give you a score which you can then aim to beat. In Gravity Math you shift gravity so your character is running either on the floor or the ceiling. You must use that skill to not only answer multiplication questions, but you must put in effort to avoid obstacles. It’s challenging.


And actually, many of the games are. For my old brain – long away from school – I found myself struggling to keep up. That’s especially true for the online games, where people younger and/or smarter than me managed to show me up time and time again.

But that competition certainly gave me the drive to continue to get better. Multiplication has always been part rote learning. Who hasn’t sat in class chanting “Three tens are thirty, four tens are forty…” for endless hours?

What Multiplication Games does is gamify the experience. By adding an element of competition, of quick thinking and of randomness, you are forced to actually think through the problem instead of just learning the words.

It’s hard, but it’s satisfying.

Making Learning Fun

Of course, getting people to learn who don’t want to learn is always going to be a challenge. That’s especially true for families who don’t value learning – a trait that is unfortunately becoming all too common.

If there’s no value in education at home, anything that seems like education becomes a waste of time. That includes that chanting I mentioned above.

Something like Multiplication Games can turn a young person’s life around. By hiding the education behind bright colors and fun games, they learn without fully realizing it.

And as they learn, their horizons broaden and their enjoyment of the subject increases.

It’s not a new idea – Miniclip was on every favorites list back in the early 2000s too. But it’s an idea that has truly stood the test of time.


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