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More Thoughts From Me Special Editon: What An Amazing Animal Crossing Direct!

Nintendo held an Animal Crossing Direct today. How was it? It was amazing! What was so amazing about it? Let’s talk about all the changes coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in November!

Today’s Animal Crossing Direct was…AMAZING! Wow. It was far beyond anything I thought would be shown.

First of all, we saw that the update will be coming out on November 5th!

Then we saw the Roost! Its pretty big. There is no stage for K.K. Slider, however there are many tables and you can actually invite amiibo card animals to come have coffee with you. You can also go get coffee with friends. The Roost looks like its going to be a great hand-out.

But thats not all! We found that Kapp’n is coming back. You’ll be able to get into his boat and go to special islands that take place in day, night, winter, and more. Its a bit like the Nook Miles islands but cooler.

Oh and guess what? Remember Harvey’s Island and how useless it seemed!? No more! Harvey will be adding shops to his island. Harriet the hair stylist, Reese and Cyrus, and many more will get outside shops on Harvey’s island. This will add new items, hairstyles, and more. Whoa. Amazing.

If all that wasn’t enough, other things were shown too. Can you believe that…COOKING is coming to Animal Crossing?! I couldn’t believe it. I would have never thought we’d get cooking despite some people thinking we would. We’ll be able to grow more crops too like tomatoes, wheat, etc. So mind blowing.

There are other additions too, like more items being added to Nook Miles. A new in-game camera app to get with Miles and other things I’m forgetting!

Oh and you’ll be able to exercise outside like you could in the orignal Animal Crossing! Whoa.

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff here among all this free stuff. It was a lot.

Then…a total shock at the end. Animal Crossing New Horizons will be getting PAID DLC. WHAT?!

Yes. Paid DLC will be coming to New Horizons. This DLC is basically Happy Home Designer 2. You’ll be able to go see an island where you can work and build vacation homes for animals! You can get special items and new abilities to take home with you. So you’ll be able to change your home and perhaps the homes of your vacations! Plus make vacation homes for them. There was so much shown in this DLC. I’m sure I’m not doing it any credit by trying to explain it. It was so jaw-dropping. And the DLC will be apart of the upcoming expanded Nintendo Switch Online service. So if you want to get it with that you can or you can buy it on its own. Man.

If you haven’t seen the Animal Crossing Direct and you’re a fan of the game, you must go watch it NOW! I love the game and the series. I was amazed by this Direct. I can’t wait for the free update. I’m also really excited for the DLC!

There will also be a new amiibo card series. Series 5. It will be a shorter series of cards, only 40 some, but looks like it’ll have some new animals in it. Wow!

The only bummer throughout the whole thing? This will be the last major update that Animal Crossing New Horizons will receive. Some people called this. I never thought it would end this soon. However, what an amazing update. They are adding so much! I’m very happy.

What did you think of the Animal Crossing Direct?


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