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LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Set

It’s been well over a year since LEGO Super Mario first launched, and again, I must admit my error when I said the franchise would be a total flop based on the chunky characters you play with. LEGO Super Mario has been a massive hit, and the third playable character has finally launched, Princess Peach. While the Adventures with Peach Starter Course is similar to that of Mario and Luigi, I do think it’s the best of the bunch if you are just getting started. Let’s look at why!


If you are unfamiliar with LEGO Super Mario, it’s all about course design. You can purchase various course pieces from the store and add to what is included in the starter set. Your starter kit includes a start pipe and an end flag, a few enemies, and multiple obstacles. While more than enough to get your first course built, it will leave you a bit wanting, which means trips back to the store for more of the LEGO Super Mario sets. We’ve purchased many of these sets over the past months, and our kids are absolutely enthralled by how the entire system works.

There are various different things that can happen, but it does feel like a real life Super Mario game. You can defeat enemies by jumping on them, collect coins from boxes, eat fruit and share it with friends, and so much more. It’s a fantastic system that uses some great technology to bring Mario to life.

The Peach Starter Course comes with Princess Peach, Iggy – one of the Koopling Kids – a fireball, and Toad. When comparing this Starter Course to the others, I do think there are a few more interactable objects in this set, and a bit more to do overall. Now, obviously getting all three is required if you want to have access to Mario, Luigi, and Peach, but we recommend the Peach version just slightly over the other two in terms of bang-for-buck. That being said, all of the sets are a great option, and worth looking into and investing in.

Princess Peach and her slew of LEGO Super Mario sets brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Building up Peach’s castle looks like a lot of fun, and the other Peach themed courses feel different, despite functioning very similarly. From our vantage point, however, Peach’s starter course is the best starting place.


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