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Far Cry 6 (Stadia)

As a fan of the Far Cry series I was really excited for the next installment. I personally did not enjoy Far Cry 5 as much as the rest of the games in the series, but I had a feeling things were going to change. We all know Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad would be the perfect villain. With an all new setting to leave his mark on, the sky was the limit. This time around, we play as a voiced character which was absent in Far Cry 5. Upon loading the game and starting, I immediately took notice how beautiful Yara is and began to fall in love with the characters. We play as Dani Rojas, which you can choose between a female and male character at the start of the game. The story starts off strong and intense I was still shocked at the loss of characters at the start as I thought they would be with us longer.


Giancarlo plays the character Anton Castillo who is one bad dude. We see this early on about how ruthless he is. Far Cry 6 is packed full of mission and so many tasks to complete. My favourite area is the work bench where we can upgrade weapons and build things. Since I was playing on Google Stadia, and it’s extremely portable, I was able to play more often then I usually game for due to it’s convenience. Load times were extremely fast and looked as good as a console. Although, at times I did experience some stuttering and picture pixilation even with a great internet connection.

Far Cry 6 so far is shaping up to be the best game in the series. Companions are memorable. Like everyone else on the planet, my favourite is Chorizo the loveable dog.


Yara is a great place to explore the voice acting is fantastic with so many great people to meet along the way. Far Cry 6 is a must play, it was also scored well by my fellow GamesReviews.comĀ  colleagues be sure to check out Kevin Austin’s review.