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Considerations When Playing Far Cry 6 On Previous Gen Consoles


There is little question that Far Cry 6 is the biggest title out right now. With big names like Giancarlo Esposito attached to it and the franchise’s stellar reputation, all eyes have been on the latest installment to see how it evolves the series. So far, we are loving the game, and you can check out our review HERE.

At a time where there are still next-gen console shortages in many areas due to global circumstances, we thought it might be relevant to discuss what it feels like to hop into Far Cry 6 on previous gen consoles, as many gamers may be forced to do while the supply chain replenishes.

So, we booted up Far Cry 6 on a standard Xbox One to test out how the game looks and feels. The very first impression is that while the loading times are certainly not as fast as on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game does seem decently optimized for previous gen consoles. This is likely due to the HD texture pack not being available for Xbox One and PS4, making the game considerably smaller and the graphics noticeably less crisp. Still, the performance you receive is well worth this compromise.


One thing that did irk me while going through the game on the Xbox One was that cut scenes seemed to be slightly out of sync. I think the reason it bothered me so much is that it was such an odd and inexplicable difference. The textures shouldn’t change the timing of the cutscene, right? Perhaps it is an FPS difference, but that seems far-fetched. Regardless, it is a mild annoyance that we have been dealing with in many titles over the years, so easy enough to shrug off.

The biggest surprise was how well the game actually played. The action and motions were smooth and sharp – at no point did I feel the Xbox One overworking or struggling to keep up with the game as it has for some other hefty titles. One can only assume that this comes down to how well the teams at Ubisoft optimized the non-HD version of the game for the Xbox One and PS4, knowing that many players would be at least starting their journey in Yara from either of those consoles.

So whether you are fortunate enough to have a next-gen console or if you are, like many of us, patiently waiting for their availability, you can confidently pick up Far Cry 6 and know that you are getting a very enjoyable title that is a breath of fresh air in a climate where many titles are being pushed further and further back. Enjoy!