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Far Cry 6 Features – Using a Smart Phone in Far Cry 6

Is 2021, and Far Cry 6 is helping us do what we already do in real life all the time – play on our phones, a lot. In previous Far Cry games, we often would use a set of binoculars to scout out enemy bases, tagging enemies, and more. That made a ton of sense, and was enjoyable enough of an experience. While I’m happy that the new tagging system highlights the weaknesses of enemies, I’m having a bit of difficulty extending my belief to tagging using a camera on a cell phone.


It works, and I suppose within the context of the game, it’s probably the best way to integrate tagging into the game. See, the smart phone serves one other major purpose – allowing folks around Yara to send you photos of objects they need you to destroy, steal, etc. And that part of the game works really, really well. So I get it – adding the tagging feature into the phone keeps the number of gadgets we need to use down by one. While it doesn’t make sense logically to tag enemies 1/2 a KM away with a phone, it makes sense game play wise. So let’s roll with it.

Having the ability to use pictures folks send to you in order to find certain objectives is a ton of fun. It reminds me of the the explorers mode in Assassin’s Creed titles, where you are given the basic quadrants or description of an area, and you need to find a target yourself. This works much the same, although is a bit more forgiving. For example, when on a mission for Carlos Montero, I was tasked with stealing a prison van so we could do a job. I was given two pieces of information: a picture of the van I needed to steal, and that I could find them on the main roads.

After searching for about 10 minutes with no luck, the game pushed me towards my final objective, letting me know I could find a prison truck at a local baseball diamond. Sure enough, the truck matched the image I was provided.

In an other instance, Carlos asked me to take out some poison sources: trucks, airplanes, and more. He sent pictures to me of the larger items that I NEEDED to destroy, including pictures of airplanes and tankers. In this instance, just going to the targeted areas on the map would have led me to my goal, but once I arrived, it was nice to know which vehicles I was aiming to demolish.

I actually love this new feature. It keeps the game a bit more organic, and you feel like you are doing less running from A-B-C without doing any thinking. Again, this isn’t ground breaking, and the game still helps you along, but it’s small improvements like this that make exploring Yara so much fun.


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