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Far Cry 6 Features – OCD Players Beware

Far Cry 6 has been one of my favourite games this year – I’ve enjoyed the story, how it unfolds, and the cool people you meet along the way. These are all staples of the Far Cry franchise, and most open world Ubisoft franchises for that matter. But the more I play Far Cry 6, the more I became concerned. “I’m not clearing the map! WHY AM I NOT CLEARING THE MAP!”


I’m so use to the typical Far Cry / Ubisoft experience. Enter an area, clear it out, defeat the boss, and move on. There are always a certain number of chests to collect, side missions to finish, areas to liberate, and so much more. And as you check each off the list, it either becomes faint on your map, has a checkmark beside it, turns your colour, etc. You clear your way through the game, how a true completionist / OCD player does it. But if you hope to do that in Far Cry 6, well, you’ll be frantic like I was a few hours in.

As I moved into the second main area of the game, I began to wonder, “Did I miss something? Am I suppose to be clearing out the map and making these red regions blue?” Turns out, no. While certain areas can be captured and turned to your side – check points, HQ bases – other areas are just hostile areas, and will be forever. I had to triple back to a tobacco plantation to defeat enemy after enemy because I was certain at some point, I would liberate the area and remove the threat. But I didn’t. No matter how many bullets I fired.

Sure, each area has chests to find and collect, and there are additional side missions. Once you clear them, they will be removed from the map. But there isn’t anything that tells you how many chests there are in an area that you need to find, or things like that. Yes, there are additional collectibles in the menu for you to find, but I’m talking about map markers, mission types etc. They just don’t exist.

That does not mean Far Cry 6 is bad, it’s just very different. Those hostile areas will remain hostile, at least as far as I have played, roughly 12-14 hours. It’s just something that I think is worth noting before you dive in! Don’t look how – it’s not possible!


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