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Far Cry 6 Features – Enemy Weaknesses Key to Success

A group of writers here at GamesReviews have been playing through Far Cry 6 so we can provide you tons of content right ahead of launch. While some writers are plowing through the main story in order to bring you reviews, I’m taking a more relaxed and investigative approach, including diving deep into some of Far Cry 6‘s new features. Enemy weaknesses is a great addition to the Far Cry gameplay loop, and depending on your chosen difficulty, are vital to success.


When you first load up Far Cry 6, you’ll be able to choose whether to play the game as intended or take a story focused approach, which makes the entire experience much easier. On Story Mode, whether you pay attention to enemy weaknesses doesn’t really matter. Simply filling enemies with lead will win you each and every encounter.

When you opt to play the game as intended, however, utilizing enemy weaknesses will be key to victory. Each enclosed encounter – where you have a specific base or area you need to infiltrate – almost always has the same pre-fight options. First, find high ground and scout the base, tagging enemies with your camera using up on the D-pad and assessing their weaknesses. Early on, for example, the enemies in hazmat suites shooting chemicals all over are susceptible to fire, while armoured enemiesĀ  need to be dealt with using armor piercing rounds.

Once you’ve scouted the area, using a nearby workbench will allow you to access your various weapons and choose the rounds necessary for success. In an early mission where you infiltrate a local farm, that meant regular rounds in my pistol, armour piercing rounds in my rifle, and of course, my trusty flamethrower for defeating hazmat suit wearing enemies and burning down fields.


I decided to do a bit of research which involved having multiple games and running through multiple tutorials. I know, the things I do. I consider myself a middle-of-the-road Far Cry player. While I generally play most games on story mode because of my own limited time, I can easily handle these games without taking the easy approach. When playing on Story Mode, I was able to plow through this area without changing my rounds once. Very easy.

When playing as intended, and not choosing the ideal load outs, I ultimately was defeated, although I almost made it. When doing this a third time with proper load outs and rounds, the mission wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t overly difficult either. And I believe that’s what the development team is hoping. Taking the time to assess the situation for each and every encounter is built into the game. Almost all locations will have a ‘high point’ for you to take stock of what’s going on around you. And all of those ‘high points’ generally will have a work bench nearby. This is how the developers want you to play, and I’d say it works really well.

You can catch more Far Cry 6 content on GamesReviews all week, so stay tuned!


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