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Do you want to play professionally?

Playing games is a fun pass time and with the many different types of games both online and offline, there is something for everyone. Playing games, however, is not purely fun and games. It is has also become a way to earn money for some. There are a lot of people who play games in their free time and wonder how they can become professionals and make money doing what they love. Keep reading for inspiration on how to make it as a professional. 

Find your poker face

As with any other industry or sport, the gaming industry can be quite competitive. In the end it is about excelling in a certain game and craft, so the best thing you can do is to practice your craft and the skills needed to make it to the top level in the game. First off, it is best to find the game you want to take to the pro levels, whether it is Call of Duty or Poker.

If you are starting from scratch, you first want to make sure that you know all the rules to the game. If you are into poker, then learn all the pokerregler. If it is Fortnite that has caught your attention, then get stuck into the rules to get a good start. Gaming is a type of sport where you need to learn and follow the rules in order to become successful. It is not a place for breaking them. But that does not mean that you cannot put on your poker face and trick your opponents.

Necessary gear

In order to become the best, you have to have the best gear. Even though the gear does not necessarily make the player, it helps to have proper gear to become one of the best players. That means, if you want to become a gamer, you will need a good mouse and keyboard as well as some good quality headsets – not to mention a good monitor with the proper specs for gaming.


You can also travel the world playing poker; even though it does not necessarily require as much gear to play poker as it does to be a gamer, it still requires a lot of training and failing. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to navigate the rules at the same time as playing your cards right without giving anything away to your opponents. In that sense, poker takes a lot of multitasking skills.

Find inspiration

Just like with any sport, it helps to have some idols or mentors to look up to. Having inspiring people to look up to can help you envision where you might end up some day, playing at the same level as them and making as much money as them.

Not everyone gets their dreams fulfilled, but with plenty of hard work and having other successful gamers as inspiration, you are sure to be on the right path in your potential gaming career.