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Dino Rise Saichania: Invasion of The Robot Playmobil Review

More Playmobil, more great fun! This time my kids and I stepped outside the world of reality – from looking at the Fire Rescue ship and Mini Cooper – and entered the world of dinosaurs! We’ve looked at Dino Rise in the past, but not on this scale. The Saichania: Invasion of the Robot set is pretty big, and includes all you need for at least two people to play for hours. Let’s take a look!

Saichania: Invasion of the Robot - 70626 | PLAYMOBIL®

Out of the Box

With 73 total pieces in the box, this Dino Rise set is a lot bigger than I would have thought. If you read our previous reviews of the Mini Cooper and Fire Rescue ship, you’ll note that we commented on how easy putting those sets together where. This one was also relatively easy when looking at the instructions on paper, but getting some of the pieces on – particularly the legs for the robot – was incredibly hard. More on that later.

The set includes one dinosaur – an Ankylosaurus if I know my dinosaurs! – a robotic suite, and two Playmobil figures. A number of accessories are included with the set as well, making this set one that is great for playing in small groups.

Worth the Price of Entry?

None of the Dino Rise sets are particularly cheap, including the Saichania: Invasion of the Robot set. The dinosaurs included in the sets are really chunky, made of thick, heavy plastic, and can obviously withstand a lot of abuse. It is a really great toy. I wouldn’t say Playmobil uses cheap plastic ever, but the feel of these dinosaurs is much different than any other Playmobil set I’ve encountered. And this includes animals from other sets.

Another great feature of these Dino Rise sets is the articulation on the dinosaurs themselves. There are so many moveable joints that this feels like a true action figure! Most Playmobil animals do not have this much articulation, and I love it!

Dino Rise really does allow kids to let their imaginations run wild, and this was the case with this set as well. Although technically the sets do not mesh, my youngest found a way to combine the Fire Rescue ship with the ankylosaur, recreating his own Jurassic Park situation! Thankfully, the mech suited Playmobil figure arrived to save the day!

And that is what I really like about these Dino Rise sets. On their own, they are packed with things to do and play. There are projectiles to shoot, loot to grab, and so many accessories for your Playmobil figures to use. But with the right imagination, these Dino Rise sets can be so much more, fitting into other Playmobil themes in ways perhaps us as adults just cannot comprehend. Watching my kids play with Dino Rise has been a treat, and we will be looking to pick up more of these sets in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled for yet another Dino Rise set review soon!


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