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Dino Rise – Pteradon Drone Strike Playmobil Review

Not every Playmobil set we review is huge, and not every Playmobil set we review is great for multiple kids at once. I do enjoy that Playmobil has these smaller sets, because not only are they a good price, but they are a good value as well. We’ve looked at a lot of Dino Rise sets in the past, so why not look at another. Here is my deep dive on Dino Rise – Pteradon Drone Strike!


Out of the Box

There isn’t a ton going on with this set, and that is OK. Included with the set is two characters and one dinosaur, a Pteradon. Also included are a few barbs to be thrown at the Pteradon, and a drone, which is eerily similar to the drone we looked at in the Fire Rescue ship review!

While small, there is still a lot to love in this set. “Fend off an air attack from the robotic machines with the Pteranodon: Drone Strike. This clever duo of the dino and its friend, Kaidan, cannot be stopped and work together to defend the skies Equipped with a projectile catching net, the agile dino can capture approaching enemies at lightning speed or transport scrap materials to Uncle Rob.”

The booklet itself comes with information on the characters included in the set, as the Dino Rise characters have specific names and backstories as well. When you put them all together – all the different sets – and begin piecing together the story Playmobil is trying to create, it’s really a lot of fun!

Is it Worth It?

When we reviewed the last Dino Rise set, we said that the dinosaurs themselves are worth the price of entry. These are not cheap, light toys. They are chunky and hefty, and lots of work has been put into making sure they feel good to play with. It’s the kind of attention I wish Playmobil had been using on all their animals; to be fair, the quality of the animals has improved dramatically over the years.

The Pteradon in this set has one extra unique feature. While I fully expected the entire dinosaur to be made of hard plastic, the wings are actually playable and can be moved a bit. This is a really great touch, and I love it!

Often, we praise Playmobil for having sets that can easily be shared between kids, and while this one can be shared – there are two characters – I did find my kids fought over the single dinosaur. Not all sets are going to be shareable, and I would argue this is one of them. I’m glad it’s available though, as this is a perfect set on its own, or when added to the wider range of Dino Rise sets!


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