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Closer Look at Virtual Reality Gaming

It’s state of the art and it’s on a screen near you now. Virtual reality is an untapped world of optical illusion that transports players to a unique world where the world inside of the screen comes to life before the user’s very own eyes. Loaded with nifty features and jacked into a world where the only logical sense is the way out of the chaos, which ensues from receiving the arc eye treatment. Virtual reality represents so much more than just another technological breakthrough.

Available on smartphones for some time, mobile virtual reality devices simply can’t hold a candle to more aggressive console versions of the technology. Completely immersed and riveted to the spot, console virtual reality users will notice themselves suspended in an alternative world where the tarantula honestly breathes life and assaults your face. Although there have been some flops along the way, it looks like now, VR is here to stay.

Console gaming has come a long way since the PlayStation 2 and XBox 360. Even though these two often compete as the forerunners in a modern market sphere where the ultimate desire rests with the owner’s ambition. Virtual reality on a device like the PlayStation 4/Playstation 4 Pro has transcended a world where gaming was once 3-D inside of a screen. The screen pops out and all of a sudden you are apart of the game, in a suspended reality from which the only escape is the retirement of the headset.

A VR Headset For All Occasions

Numerous virtual reality headsets destined to make their mark on the VR gaming sector. Large gaming giants continue to pour money into VR projects, as virtual reality technology is being continuously identified as the game of the future. Whether you enjoy mobile or console gaming virtual reality is bringing the game to you with wearable tech that will mask your face in a three-dimensional sensory overload.

The Oculus Rift Headset

The Oculus Rift tramples the majority of VR headsets in its path. With a fully immersive and lifelike feel the Rift certainly brings virtual reality straight into your space via its headset. The Oculus Rift is one of the most sophisticated VR headsets on the market, but any player yearning for a complete VR experience should be aware that the VR hardware requires some serious backbone to power it.


If you want to power the Oculus Rift at its full core functionality you will need four USB ports to operate the device. Players require three 3.0 USB ports and one 2.0 USB port. That’s not all, the Rift requires a top of the range spec PC or console to power the device and bring about solid immersion. This is a downfall of the Rift and other VR headsets, which limits the customer base. Once again, only once I5 processors and extreme video cards become more accessible to the average gamer, so will virtual reality.

The HTC Vive VR Headset

Functioning g almost identically to the Oculus Rift and requiring much the same spec of tech to run the virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive is a strong VR headset that will submerge you into a world where the impossible becomes possible. In time to come, you could use the headset for just about everything, from playing at an android online casino to watching blockbuster movies at home.


The Vive is also being adapted for gaming on Apple smartphones and is light years ahead Google Cardboard or the Gear VR. The HTC Vive is incredibly immersive and makes the suspended reality feel like home, but player’s opting for the Vive will still need the appropriate hardware to run the device. It’s no less than an I5 processor coupled with 8 GB ram and a hefty GPU.

PlayStation VR

With PlayStation 4 breaking records with its number of sales, you may already possess the correct hardware to run the PlayStation VR headset. It’s going to open the market wide open and deliver a premium virtual reality gaming experience directly geared for your PlayStation console.

It’s relatively affordable and will be available to anyone who wants a piece of virtual reality gaming. Developed directly for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the VR headset from Sony has a lot to say about other options currently on the market.

With extra padded comfort for complete immersion into the gaming world the PSVR is still more affordable than the Oculus and Rift, which is a major pulling point for Sony. If you are considering PSVR then you should be aware that it requires both the motion camera and PlayStation Move controllers to function. This does escalate the price but it’s still more affordable than both aforementioned devices.