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A Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Switch Demo Will Be Released Today

I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan! I loved Kingdom Hearts 3 and I’ve played most of the other games. So when Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was announced for the Nintendo Switch, I was excited. I’m not a big rhythm game fan but this is Kingdom Hearts! I love the music in those games! So I’m willing to give this game a chance. Thankfully, we will all get a chance to check it out today!


A demo of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be released on the Nintendo Switch eshop today. The demo will contain “6 playable songs (four Field Battle Music Stages and two Co-op Music Stages)” according to Go Nintendo.

I’m not normally a rhythm game fan but I love Kingdom Hearts music and its graphics and story. I’m also excited that a Kingdom Hearts game of any kind would be on the Nintendo Switch. I hope this game does well and Nintendo brings more of the series to the system.

I will be downloading the demo today and hopefully have demo impressions tomorrow!

Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory? Will you download the demo?


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