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5 Reasons Gaming Is Better Than Social Media For Connecting With Others

Unlike social media, video games give people a place to meet other people and have fun together without needing to be in front of a screen. This is an important advantage for people today.

Despite the fact that we are physically separated, modern technology allows us to remain connected. I believe that this is of particular importance at this point in time when much of the world is experiencing social distancing and many people are feeling isolated from their friends and families. With the aid of social media and video games, users are now able to stay in touch with those they can’t visit anymore and can connect with others.

It is important to note that the two are very different things. For over a decade now, social media have allowed users to keep in touch over long distances by posting or sharing updates, news, photos, and videos. Video games have all of these capabilities while adding a form of adventure or activity that can direct the user over long distances.

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Sparks More Conversation

Almost everyone uses one or more forms of social media each day, whether it be through Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks. The one thing that is interesting about video games (depending on the platform and the title) is that they offer players the same social features, but they also give you something to do together besides scrolling through your timeline.

The first step is to decide whether you want to watch a Netflix show or just talk about your days. The second step is to decide if you want to play a multiplayer game or stream with friends. As a casual conversation progresses, the topic of conversation can turn to what happens in the game or what we need to accomplish. A game that is focused on cooperative play, like Overcooked, often relies on player communication in order to succeed in completing tasks and developing a connection to the other players. Additionally, it allows us to participate in an activity as a group at a time when in real life we would not be able to. This positive may even spark you to want to deactivate Instagram.

Different Ways To Hang Out

The advent of certain genres, like MMOs and cooperative adventure games, provides a way to hang out virtually. If you don’t want to meet up at a restaurant or invite your friends over to the real world, you can go out on adventures together in a game such as Borderlands, which allows you to play in small groups with your friends. It does not matter where you are physically located, you can travel the planet with your friends in search of loot or see what silly thing you can get away with when you’re in enemy camps or while driving around.

With games like World of Warcraft, you get to take part in a much larger setting, and you can discover many different worlds to explore, enjoy tons of content, and even participate in special events. In addition to the ability to complete quests together with your friends, you can also chat with them either in-game or over a headset while you hang out in a city tavern. Games like these offer a great deal of entertainment and provide a great opportunity to bond with friends.

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Easy Communication

It is possible to communicate with each other on the phone or through a video call or headset while playing together. There are many ways to communicate and entertain using social media, but it does not provide the ability to be virtually together with one another without the use of video chatting apps. It is also because of this aspect of video games that it also makes meeting people and making new friends a lot easier. People tend to be particular about whom they follow or who they add to social media accounts because fake accounts, scams, and weirdos are all too common. It goes without saying that these issues exist in games as well, but they commonly do not affect players and are easily handled here, unlike in gaming where they might.

A Better Environment To Meet People

There is nothing quite as convenient as meeting new people through online games, as there is usually a common goal or interest shared by everyone. You can even join a random clan or guild if you’re looking to make new buddies. Video games are becoming a means of communication in groups around common interests and activities, as it is not possible to meet up in person right now. Even just conversing with others while playing a game together can create a bond between you (the online equivalent of talking to someone you see walking down the street). For instance, some Animal Crossing players, for example, would have Tinder dates while on their islands. Playing online games can trigger you to make new friends with whom you can keep in touch and who you may eventually be able to hang out with in person someday.

Streaming Makes It Simple

Although in a lesser or different way, social connections can also be made through streaming. It’s a different experience playing a single-player game with friends who can help you out or discuss what’s going on. As if commenting on a movie or participating in an interactive show, one person is on the journey directly, while the rest are along for the ride. There is no direct communication going on, but there is communication going on nonetheless. In addition, there is the audiovisual experience associated with “game streaming,” which is a way of watching a well-known streamer play a game. As far as social media is concerned, thanks to their chaotic chats that amount to nothing more than live comment sections in real-time, this is even further removed from regular social media.


In addition to chatting and posting memes, video games provide a way for people to socially disconnect while playing. Besides strengthening relationships or creating new ones, it keeps everyone safe and avoids annoyances that typically accompany social media.